The Huntington Botanical Gardens

Encompassing approximately 120 acres, the botanical gardens feature 16 stunning themed garden areas. In 1903 Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927) purchased the San Marino Ranch, a working ranch about 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles with citrus groves, nut and fruit orchards, alfalfa crops, a small herd of cows, and poultry. His superintendent, William Hertrich (1878–1966), was instrumental in developing the various plant collections that comprise the foundation of The Huntington’s botanical gardens. The property—originally nearly 600 acres—today covers 207 acres, of which approximately 120 are landscaped and open to visitors and include some 15,000 different varieties of plants.

Living Collections

In addition to the 120 acres of themed garden areas, The Huntington has significant holdings of living botanical collections we are preserving, expanding, studying, and promoting for public appreciation. The botanical living collections include orchids, camellias, cycads, and bonsai, examples of which may be found throughout the grounds.

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Explore 120 acres of themed gardens, take a free garden tour, self-guided botanical tour, or browse upcoming garden events.

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Attend garden lectures, learn how to prune fruit trees, find the next plant sale, take a Tea House tour, become a garden volunteer...there's a botanical program for every garden enthusiast!

Botanical Research

The Huntington's Botanical Gardens support many areas of research related to its living collections. Conservation and population biology studies the origins of different species of of cycads by analyzing the genetic makeup of populations. This knowledge helps biologists understand diversity within plant groups and provides clues as to how that diversity can be preserved. Conservation biologists are developing techniques aimed at long-term cryopreservation of plants. Developing new techniques and working with training specialists at other institutions, we hope to protect rare and important plants from extinction due to habitat loss and disease. More



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