2019 Spring/Summer

Cover of Frontiers Spring/Summer 2019


Man inspecting a cycad
Jun. 15, 2019
Issue: 2019 Spring/Summer

A Huntington researcher's surprising findings about the evolution of Dioon cycads

The cycad is often regarded as a living fossil—a favorite food of dinosaurs that hasn’t changed much in hundreds of millions of years...

20th century photograph of Carleton E. Watkins
Jun. 22, 2019
Issue: 2019 Spring/Summer

His indelible photographs captured and promoted the American West

In his new book, art writer Tyler Green argues that Carleton Watkins (1829–1916)—widely considered the greatest American photographer of the 19th century—was also one of the most influential artists of his era.

Celia Paul painting
Jun. 19, 2019
Issue: 2019 Spring/Summer

How Celia Paul's art resonates with that of the Brontë sisters

Beautifully installed on the second floor of the Huntington Art Gallery, the "Celia Paul" exhibition invokes works by some of the 19th-century painters in The Huntington's permanent collection 

Old map of Los Angeles
Jun. 20, 2019
Issue: 2019 Spring/Summer

Pioneer cartographer Laura L. Whitlock captured a megalopolis in the making

In August 1919, Henry and Arabella Huntington drafted documents converting their San Marino ranch into a "library, art gallery, museum, and park."