Guests sitting on a bench

Tranquility Tour

Palm Garden

1. Let’s start in the Palm Garden. Find a bench. Close your eyes. Listen to the birdsong and the sound of the palm fronds rustling in the breeze. Breathe deeply. Empty your mind. 


Constellation of Leo in Beautiful Science

2. Wander over to the Library Exhibition Hall and find the astronomy gallery in the “Beautiful Science” exhibition. Contemplate the constellations and consider your place in the cosmos. Humankind is just a tiny speck in the vastness of the universe. Release your worries into the infinity of space.


The Long Leg by Edward Hopper

3. Stroll over to the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art and soak in the serenity of Edward Hopper’s calm seascape, The Long Leg (ca. 1930). Hopper’s compositions have an air of stillness and a pervading mood of solitude. The color blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. 


Zen Court

4. Onward to the Zen Court. Contemplate the carefully raked patterns of pebbles. Open your mind to the enlightenment they may hold for you.



5. Leave the Zen Court by passing through the Bonsai Court, and stroll down the shaded, oak-lined path, and then through a bamboo forest. Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.


Australian Garden

6. Follow your nose to the Australian Garden. Breathe in the fresh scent of the eucalyptus trees. Their aromatic fragrance is thought to eradicate exhaustion and rejuvenate the spirit.


Lily Ponds

7. The final stop is the Lily Ponds. A contemplative gaze into tranquil waters can have a calming effect on the mind. You should now be feeling attuned to nature, with a lighter mood and a fresh spring in your step.