Why It Matters: Lonnie G. Bunch III in conversation with Karen R. Lawrence and Robert C. Davidson Jr.

Apr. 26, 2022

Lonnie G. Bunch III, 14th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, joins Huntington President Karen R. Lawrence and Huntington Governor Robert C. Davidson Jr. in a conversation about why museums and collecting institutions matter, what they have to offer to contemporary social and racial justice movements, and what it means to lead a museum in the current moment.

Celebrating The Huntington's unparalleled opportunities for cross-disciplinary exploration of human culture and history, the Why It Matters series features Huntington President Karen R. Lawrence in conversation with distinguished guests about the enduring relevance of the humanities.


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A Huntington botanical researcher places a hand on a cycad cone to feel its temperature as part of a study on how weevils pollinate Dioon cycads.
Hdoc: Cycad Sleuths
May. 13, 2022

A gardener noticed a population of weevils living inside a few cycad cones growing on the property and knew it was a big deal. He showed them to one of The Huntington's botanical researchers who kicked off a project this year to study how the weevils pollinate our Dioon cycads.

Photograph of Nathan Wang and Lisa See
Conversation: Nathan Wang and Lisa See on "On Gold Mountain"
Apr. 21, 2022

Chinese American composer Nathan Wang, the 2022-23 Cheng Family Foundation Visiting Artist in the Chinese Garden, will introduce his remarkable career and the development of the opera "On Gold Mountain" in collaboration with renowned author Lisa See. The evening will feature highlights...

Self portrait of Don Bachardy
Skill, Speed, and Diplomacy: The Artistic Achievement of Don Bachardy
Apr. 19, 2022

Robert Flynn Johnson, curator emeritus of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, discusses how Don Bachardy was one of the most insightful draftsmen of his era.

Most artists work in isolation, inventing their art from pure imagination or being...


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