California and the Birth of the Modern Garden

Mar. 9, 2020

Wade Graham, author of American Eden: From Monticello to Central Park to Our Backyards, What Our Gardens Tell Us About Who We Are, explores the birth and career of the modern garden in California between 1920 and the 1960s. He charts the prewar origins, postwar evolution, and global influence of this unique garden idiom, from pioneers Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra to modern masters Thomas Church, Garrett Eckbo, and Lawrence Halprin. The program is presented by the California Garden & Landscape History Society.


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Art by Larry Johnson
Lunchtime Art Talk on Larry Johnson
Jul. 28, 2021

Join Lauren Mackler, co-curator of "Made in L.A. 2020: a version," for this short and insightful discussion about artist Larry Johnson, as part of the Lunchtime Art Talk series on the exhibition "Made in L.A. 2020: a version."


Art by Buck Ellison
Conversations with Buck Ellison & Shamus Khan
Jul. 22, 2021

"Made in L.A. 2020" artist Buck Ellison is joined in conversation by Shamus Khan, professor of sociology and American studies at Princeton University. Together they discuss their intimate portraits of privilege and power, and the implications for American inequalities.

The program is...

Art by Hedi El Kholti
Conversations with Hedi El Kholti & Reynaldo Rivera
Jul. 13, 2021

Join "Made in L.A. 2020" artists Hedi El Kholti and Reynaldo Rivera as they play records and discuss music that has had a profound influence in their lives.

The program is presented by the Hammer Museum.



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