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Usha Lee McFarling is the senior writer and editor in the Office of Communications and Marketing at The Huntington.


Posted on Dec. 4, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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While The Huntington is celebrating its Centennial this year, it is also celebrating a very special staff member, one who has worked at the institution for a half century ...
Posted on Oct. 9, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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The Huntington has joined an ambitious effort to collect and preserve the biodiversity of all species on Earth ...
Posted on Aug. 7, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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The Huntington has taken a lead role in recent years in the cutting-edge field of plant cryopreservation ...
Posted on Jul. 17, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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Bees are no strangers to The Huntington. There are numerous hives in trees on the property that cause few problems  ...
Posted on Jun. 12, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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Have you ever wondered what happens to the ripe, luscious oranges you see growing in The Huntington's orchards? They help feed people in need ...
Posted on May. 1, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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Kelly Fernandez, head gardener of the Herb and Shakespeare gardens at The Huntington, and her team of docent volunteers are always on the lookout for plant materials ...
Posted on Apr. 10, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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The eye-catching new rose that is helping The Huntington celebrate its centennial year was unveiled just a few months ago ...
Posted on Feb. 13, 2019 by Usha Lee McFarling
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The modern valentine is inextricably linked to romance—candle-lit dinners, a dozen red roses, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. But the long, complex, and fascinating history of valentine cards shows...
Posted on Dec. 13, 2018 by Usha Lee McFarling
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For years, the boxy myrtle hedges running through the heart of the Rose Garden have concerned Tom Carruth, the E.L. and Ruth B. Shannon Curator of the Rose Collections at The Huntington ...

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Jan. 22, 2020 by Richard E. Bennett
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On Jan. 24 and 25 in Rothenberg Hall, The Huntington is hosting a conference on Mormon history that commemorates the 200th anniversary of the First Vision experience ...
Jan. 15, 2020 by Carribean Fragoza
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The new visual and written works in "Beside the Edge of the World" guide us boldly beyond the limits of the world documented in archives ...
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Isaac Newton (1643–1727) is generally regarded as one of the most significant individuals in the history of science ...

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