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Posted on Apr. 19, 2022 by Sola Saar-Agustsson
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“Method and Material: Tempera Painting in Focus,” on view through Aug. 8 in the Huntington Art Gallery, brings together tempera works by William Blake, Joseph Edward Southall, George Tooker, Domenico...

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Jun. 28, 2022 by Sandy Masuo
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“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers,” poet and farmer Thomas Tusser famously observed. But Tusser’s verse was rooted in the temperate climate of 16th-century England. In arid 21st-century...
Jun. 21, 2022 by Steve Hindle
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June is a wonderful time of year at The Huntington: The flowers are in bloom, the gardens and galleries are bustling with visitors, and a fresh cohort of scholars are once again poring over our world-class...
Jun. 14, 2022 by Linde B. Lehtinen and Dennis Carr
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A woman lies naked on the ground, warmed by the sun. The organic lines of her body echo the color and curves of the stone beneath her, and she seems to merge with her environment. The central image is...

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