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Shira Brisman is assistant professor of early modern art at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of Albrecht Dürer and the Epistolary Mode of Address (University of Chicago Press, 2016) and is currently preparing a second book, The Goldsmith's Claim: German Renaissance Art as Material and Intellectual Property. For the 2020–21 academic year, she is a faculty fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Wolf Humanities Center, which convenes around the research topic "Choice."


Posted on Nov. 4, 2020 by Shira Brisman
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The word "ecology" is a relational term. It speaks to the interdependency of organisms, objects, and systems with their environments. "Ecology" can also be used as a term of advocacy ...

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Sep. 22, 2021 by Clay Stalls
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The Huntington has deep collections on the history of Spanish-speaking North America created from a centurylong record of acquiring materials in this field ...
Aug. 10, 2021 by Sean Lahmeyer
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Soon after Henry E. Huntington purchased the San Marino Ranch (formerly owned by James DeBarth Shorb) in 1903, he learned that many agricultural crops—such as avocados, peaches, and nuts—could be grown...
Jul. 28, 2021 by Manuela Gomez Rhine
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Several of the objects on display in the upcoming exhibition, “What Now: Collecting for the Library in the 21st Century, Part 2,” provide windows into The Huntington’s array of collections that support...

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