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Posted on Sep. 26, 2016 by Miso Kim
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Over the past summer, 18 interns from universities across the country worked with The Huntington's library, art, and botanical collections. One of the interns, Connell Boken, is a sophomore at Whitman...

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Aug. 16, 2022 by Sandy Masuo
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Gasteria species were included in the genus Aloe until 1809, when French physician and botanist Henri August Duval proposed they be moved into the new genus Gasteria, named for the slightly bulbous, stomach-like...
Jul. 26, 2022 by Sandy Masuo
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When you step into The Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science at The Huntington, you are instantly transported to another world. Consistently warm and humid conditions create a pocket...
Jul. 19, 2022 by Vanessa Wilkie
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In 1736, just four days before Christmas, 5-year-old Mary “Molly” Leigh wrote a formal letter to her father, Theophilus Leigh, Master of Balliol College, Oxford. The first page of the letter is ruled...

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