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Posted on Sep. 22, 2015 by Matt Stevens
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Author Jack London found a kindred spirit in famed magician Harry Houdini, whose escape artistry London and his wife, Charmian, witnessed firsthand at the Oakland Orpheum on a November afternoon in 1915...
Posted on Mar. 31, 2015 by Matt Stevens
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With the arrival of April, we begin the final countdown of Civil War Sesquicentennial commemorations. In short order, we will mark the 150th anniversaries of Appomattox (April 9), the shooting of Abraham...
Posted on Aug. 26, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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The next time you walk into the Library’s main exhibition hall to see More
Posted on Jul. 18, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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This Saturday, visitors can wander for the first time through five new rooms in the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries...
Posted on Jul. 4, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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With the arrival of Independence Day weekend, The Huntington is counting down the days to the opening of expanded...
Posted on Jun. 26, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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“One man lives in the city, the other in the woods,” writes Huntington Curator of Photographs Jennifer A. Watts about photographers Bruce Davidson and Paul Caponigro “One is drawn to the strife...
Posted on Jun. 5, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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If California Chrome wins the Belmont Stakes this weekend, he will become the first California-bred racehorse to win the Triple Crown. And if he succeeds, it will be his second triple of 2014, following...
Posted on May. 29, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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Fifty years ago today the U.S. Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp on what would have been John F. Kennedy’s 47th birthday. It features a pair of images: on the left is the eternal flame at...
Posted on May. 20, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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In a small upstairs room in the Huntington Art Gallery, you will find the secret of how to turn common metal into gold Or an example of Renaissance Sudoku Or one of the earliest uses of subliminal advertising...
Posted on Apr. 21, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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In his new book, Trees in Paradise: A California History, historian Jared Farmer recounts...

Posted on Apr. 15, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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Congratulations to historian Alan Taylor, who has won the Pulitzer Prize in History for The Internal...

Posted on Mar. 20, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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tumblr_1yr_versoDo you follow
Posted on Feb. 27, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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Which war featured battles at Gettysburg and Antietam? If you said the Civil War, you would only be half right, according to Steve Hindle, The Huntington’s W. M. Keck Foundation...

Posted on Jan. 10, 2014 by Matt Stevens
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Jack London celebrated his 28th birthday on Jan. 12 1904 less than a week after mailing off his manuscript of The Sea-Wolf. As Earle Labor explains in his new biography...

Posted on Dec. 6, 2013 by Matt Stevens
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Before Nelson Mandela was president of South Africa, he was a prisoner for 27 years, most of them served on the infamous Robben Island. During that incarceration, he was one...

Posted on Nov. 19, 2013 by Matt Stevens
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In his address at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery on Nov. 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln

Posted on Nov. 11, 2013 by Matt Stevens
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Early in the Civil War abolitionist Frederick Douglass urged Abraham Lincoln to allow black men to serve in the Union Army. “Men in earnest don’t fight with one hand...

Posted on Nov. 8, 2013 by Matt Stevens
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As you enter the Library’s Main Hall and walk straight ahead, one of the first things you’ll see is a familiar treasure underneath a Plexiglas sign reading “A Landmark...

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