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Elaine Hobby is professor of 17th-Century Studies at Loughborough University.


Posted on Apr. 13, 2021 by Elaine Hobby
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In 1984, The Huntington organized and hosted the first of a series of meetings of local feminists. As a brochure in the Library’s archives explains, these seminars, scheduled to take place five times...

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May. 5, 2021 by Lisa Blackburn
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Experts on nomenclature—from Madison Avenue marketing executives to the parents of newborn babies—have long believed that choosing the right name can make all the difference ...
Apr. 22, 2021 by Natalie Russell
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Archives are full of mysteries. Many manuscripts are undated. Often letters are addressed to first names and signed with initials. Accurately identifying and describing an item can be a research project...
Apr. 19, 2021 by Giovana Romano Sanchez
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Featuring the work of 30 emerging and under-recognized artists from the greater Los Angeles area, "Made in L.A. 2020: a version" presents mirroring exhibitions at the Hammer Museum and The Huntington—as...

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