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Posted on Nov. 22, 2017 by Diana W. Thompson
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Before leaving the foyer of the exhibition “Visual Voyages: Images of Latin American Nature from Columbus to Darwin,” take a...
Posted on Jun. 7, 2017 by Diana W. Thompson
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Who will be the civic leaders of tomorrow and guide the decisions Los Angeles makes about infrastructure, transportation, homelessness, and other major issues? It may just be some of the high school juniors...
Posted on Apr. 27, 2017 by Diana W. Thompson
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As you stroll through the Frances and Sidney Brody California Garden, you may find it hard to believe that, just a few years ago, the same space...
Posted on Apr. 21, 2017 by Diana W. Thompson
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For Kyoto-based landscape designer Takuhiro Yamada, the tea garden he designed in The Huntington’s Japanese Garden is a work in progress. Each...
Posted on Mar. 8, 2017 by Diana W. Thompson
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The history of art is peppered with tales of women artists who struggled to gain the same recognition as men To shine a light on women’s artistic bounty, the
Posted on Feb. 8, 2017 by Diana W. Thompson
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The eastern side of the North Vista contains some of The Huntington’s oldest and most precious cultivars of camellia. William Hertrich, Henry...
Posted on Nov. 15, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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As visual strategists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Dan Goods and David Delgado use art and design to explain science. Their newest...
Posted on Oct. 26, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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Huntington arborist Daniel Goyette first investigated the two-story-high coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) near the Boone Gallery to address concerns...
Posted on Sep. 15, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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Sometimes an object comes along that has so many ties to an institution’s collecting areas, it’s hard for curators to pass it up. That’s what happened in 2014, when The Huntington acquired the Ten...
Posted on Sep. 6, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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Visitors familiar with the exuberant, colorful, and graphically complex works of Los Angeles–based artist Lari Pittman know not to expect something conventional. His new exhibition, “Lari...
Posted on Aug. 22, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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The Huntington recently acquired a collection of rare succulents from the late Gerald Barad (1923–2016) of Flemington, New Jersey. Participants at the Philadelphia...
Posted on Aug. 15, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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Chicago-based collage artist Candace Hunter first started reading Octavia Butler’s speculative fiction as an undergraduate. Themes from Butler’s...
Posted on Jun. 23, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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Some people may remember the exquisite furniture in The Huntington’s permanent exhibition about Arts and Crafts masters Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene. The space was just reinstalled...
Posted on Jun. 16, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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What does the 20th-century Arts and Crafts architecture of Americans Charles and Henry Greene have to do with the 17th-century Katsura Imperial Villa outside of Kyoto, Japan? For admirers of the work...
Posted on Jun. 7, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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It’s easy to imagine that heritage roses—with names such as ‘Archduke Charles’, ‘William R. Smith’, and ‘Maman Cochet’—originated in England or France. But every repeat-blooming rose...
Posted on May. 2, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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If you’re one of the millions of people who watched the British period drama “Downton Abbey,” you might be craving...
Posted on Apr. 18, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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You’ve heard the dire news about California’s drought. And you’ve been thinking about swapping out your lawn for water-wise plants. But if you’re used to traditional grass and ornamental plants...
Posted on Apr. 11, 2016 by Diana W. Thompson
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While traveling in the Amazon region of Ecuador, award-winning photographer David Leaser had an epiphany. What if he could use a computer to help...

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