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Posted on Nov. 21, 2018 by Carribean Fragoza
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When push comes to shove, there are two kinds of people in the world. The kind who will either run away from a fire or a fist fight, and the kind who will run toward it to get a closer look ...
Posted on Sep. 26, 2018 by Carribean Fragoza
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"Qhip nayr uñtasis sarnaqapxañani" is an aphorism of the Aymara people, an indigenous nation that spans Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. The saying, which roughly translates to "looking back to walk forth,"...
Posted on Aug. 15, 2018 by Carribean Fragoza
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The summer day simmered. As artist Mario Ybarra Jr., his assistant Jennifer Vanegas, and I strolled through the gardens under the shade of carefully trimmed foliage, steam rose from the warm, dark earth...
Posted on Jun. 20, 2018 by Carribean Fragoza
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Carolina Caycedo and Mario Ybarra Jr. begin their residencies at The Huntington by bringing distinct approaches to making new work inspired by the institution's library, art, and garden collections. Whether...

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May. 22, 2019 by Natalie Russell
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"Books are weapons in the war of ideas." This was the motto of the Council on Books in Wartime, a consortium of ...
On March 27, 1802, Britain and France signed the Treaty of Amiens, ending a decade of warfare ...
May. 8, 2019 by Peter Blodgett
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It has been 150 years since eastbound and westbound railroad tracks first met at Utah's Promontory Summit, the culmination of many years of planning ...

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