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Posted on August 7, 2012 by Louise Guerin | Comments (3)

Vickie MacDonald (at left) with Steven Schwartzman, Pat Lindsay, and Eiko DeQuattro. Photo by John Villarreal.

While everyone knows that The Huntington relies on our assortment of volunteers and docents to give tours, answer questions, and be the face of The Huntington, there are some volunteers who choose to remain in the background. They may be too shy to step forward and become docents who give tours each week. Or they may not be physically up to the challenge of walking through the property highlighting various gardens and galleries. They are, however, important cogs in the wheel that keeps The Huntington moving.

One such volunteer was Vickie MacDonald. Vickie spent a great deal of time assisting me in the Plant Sale nursery, repotting plants, potting rooted cuttings, or planting seeds. Vickie also volunteered “deadheading” roses in the Rose and Shakespeare gardens or removing dead fronds that had fallen in the Palm and Jungle gardens. As the director of volunteer programming, Mikki Heydorff, says, The Huntington “was her home away from home.”

Steven Schwartzman, Vickie MacDonald, and Ron Light. Photo by John Villarreal.

Vickie was a charming Southern lady; soft spoken and polite. I’d never heard an unkind word spoken by her. She came in regularly to learn about how to handle, propagate, and maintain plants. She was so excited to be able to find a new plant that she could buy and give to her son for his yard. When she called me “Dear,” I knew it wasn't false flattery.

Vickie fell ill in this past spring. She would call or have another co-worker pass along messages when she wasn’t up to coming in to work. Always, there’d be a heartfelt apology with her message. I knew it must be horrible for her to miss a day at The Huntington.

In the last months of her life, I visited Vickie as often as I could. She maintained a bright smile and gave heartfelt thanks for the visits. I tried to brighten her room with a few trinkets that were pink—her favorite color. I’d hold her hand and tell her what was happening at The Huntington. I'd bring in my laptop to show her pictures of gardener John Villareal and Shadi Shihab, the floristic gardens curator, whom she both dearly loved. Those visits were so special. I hoped to help her as she’d helped me for the past several years.

Vickie lost her battle and slipped away on July 28. I hope she was able to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies the night before. She had told me that she was really looking forward to them.

Louise Guerin is manager of plant production and sales.


What a beautiful account of a sweet soul. I am sorry for the loss felt by her passing. May those who knew her never forget her and do some volunteering in the spirit of Vickie's memory. An angel has returned home.

Louise, thank you so much for your kind words and lovely thoughts regarding Vickie and her love of the Huntington Gardens. We know our mother enjoyed her time there and the many friends she made. Your friendship along with Olga's and her neighbor Louise's made her last days far more joyful than one could have ever hoped.

Thank you to everyone at the Huntington who touched Vickie's life and brought such happiness to her time in Southern California.

Thank you Louise for writing a sweet memoir of Vickie.

I worked closely with her in the Palm, Jungle and Rose Garden and developed a great friendship with her. She gave me some trinkets that I have in my work shed even now to remind me of her.

Taking pictures of volunteers is something I like to do. I can share with others, the people that I work with and that are part of my day at the Huntington. I am saddened that the pictures I took are here in this memoir for her passing, but they show her smiling, enjoying her time at the gardens. I am happy for that and will always remember Vickie that way.

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