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Posted on November 2, 2010 by Lisa Blackburn | Comments (0)

The gardens at The Huntington are among the most photogenic in the world. Just ask any visitor strolling down a path with a camera. Many of those visitors are sharing their photos on Flickr, inspiring a world-wide community of photographers and fans with their own unique vision of the beauty and diversity of the botanical collections.

The Huntington hosts several official Flickr groups that are open to anyone with a camera, whether cell phone, Nikon, or Hassleblad. Browse through some of the wonderful images in the Desert Garden group, or explore the Chinese Garden pool. Check out our Featured Photos of the Week, selected from among our Flickr groups, or follow us on Twitter to enjoy our Photo of the Day, also drawn from our online talent pool.

We think you'll be captivated as we are by these beautiful images—and maybe you'll be inspired to grab your camera and take a few of your own. You'll find a complete list of our Flickr groups, and details about how you can participate, on The Huntington's Flickr Profile.

Lisa Blackburn is communications coordinator at The Huntington. Photos: Top: Cacti in the Desert Garden by mfbenedict, via Flickr. Bottom: Franklinia alatamaha by Van in LA, via Flickr.

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