Instagram Takeover with James Fishburne

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Kate Lain | Comments (1)

Last Thursday, we let art historian James Fishburne—guest curator of “A History of Whiskers: Facial Hair and Identity in European and American Art, 1750–1920”—run The Huntington’s Instagram account for the day. In a nod to the exhibition, which is on view for just one more week, James spent the day looking at facial hair in our art galleries, touring us through “Shenandoahs,” “chin curtains,” and mustachioed teapots.

Below is a roundup of all of the Instagram posts from last week’s #takeoverTheH event.

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“A History of Whiskers: Facial Hair and Identity in European and American Art, 1750–1920” is on view through March 7, 2017, in the Works on Paper Room in the Huntington Art Gallery.

Kate Lain is the new media developer at The Huntington.


Whimsical and fun!

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