Truck and Bus Route

There is only one legal truck/bus route to The Huntington from the north (210 Freeway). The address for GPS is 1800 Orlando Avenue. Police may ticket you if you do not follow this route.

truck and bus route map 

Arriving and exiting The Huntington: Buses and trucks are not permitted on Allen Ave. north of California. You must use the legal truck and bus route.

Arriving: Exit the 210 Freeway at Sierra Madre Blvd.; West on California Blvd.; South on Allen Ave. to the Huntington gate.

Exiting: North on Allen Ave.; East on California Blvd.; North on Sierra Madre Blvd. to the 210 Freeway. All trucks and buses on Allen north of California are subject to citation. Buses must turn off engines while parked at The Huntington.

map showing bus route