Academic Conferences

The Huntington hosts six academic conferences each year. Conference details are available approximately two months prior to the conference date on the calendar. Conference registration does not include entrance to the research library. See Using the Library for information about becoming a reader.


Sept. 14–15, 2018
Turning Points in the Civil War 
Conveners: Gary Gallagher (University of Virginia) & Joan Waugh (UCLA)

Oct. 12–13, 2018
Empowering Appetites: The Political Economy and Culture of Food in the Early Atlantic World 
Conveners: Jennifer Anderson (Stony Brook University) & Anya Zilberstein (Concordia University)

Nov. 16–17, 2018
A History of the Medical Book
Convener: Mary E. Fissell (John Hopkins University)

Dec. 7–8, 2018 
Moving Landscapes: Gardens and Gardening in the Transatlantic World, 1670-1830
Conveners: Stephen Bending (University of Southampton) & Jennifer Milam (University of Sydney)

Jan. 11–12, 2019 
1595-1606: New Perspectives on Regime Change
Convener: Norman Jones (Utah State University) & Paulina Kewes (University of Oxford)

Apr. 19–20, 2019
Stereotypes and Stereotyping in Early Modern England
Convener: Peter Lake (Vanderbilt) & Koji Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)

May 17–18, 2019
1802: Cultural Exchange During the Peace of Amiens
Conveners: Cora Gilroy-Ware, Dena Goodman (University of Michigan) & Paris Spies-Gans (Princeton University)

Sept. 20–21, 2019
Yours Sincerely, Wallace Stevens
Conveners: Bart Eeckhout (University of Antwerp) and Lisa Goldfarb (New York University)

Oct. 18–19, 2019
In America, 1919
Convener:  Bill Brown (University of Chicago)

Nov. 8–9, 2019
Rogue Printers, Book Smugglers, Annotators, and Scribes: The Book Culture of the Elizabethan Catholic Underground
Conveners:  Earle Havens (Johns Hopkins University) and Mark Rankin (James Madison University)

Dec. 13–14, 2019
John Ruskin: Nineteenth-Century Visionary, Twenty-first Century Inspiration
Convener:  James L. Spates (Hobart & Wm. Smith Colleges)

Jan. 24–25, 2020
The First Vision of Joseph Smith, Jr: 200 Years On
Convener:  Richard Bennett (Brigham Young University)

Apr. 10–11, 2020
Art and the Actuarial Imagination
Conveners:  Matthew Hunter (McGill University) and Avigail Moss (USC)

May 15–16, 2020
The Globalization of the Space Race
Convener:  Asif Siddiqi (Fordham University)