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Academic Conferences

The Huntington hosts academic conferences every year open to the public. Conference details are available approximately two months prior to the conference date on the calendar. Conference registration does not include entrance to the research library. For information about becoming a researcher, visit Using the Library


Jan. 2122, 2021   
Virtual Conference - Artificial Lives 
Conveners:  Sherryl Vint (University of California, Riverside) and Peter Boxall (University of Sussex)

April 15–16, 2021
Virtual Conference - “This Reading of Books Is a Pernicious Thing”: Restoration Women Writers and Their Readers
Convener: Elaine Hobby (Loughborough University)

Sept. 17–18, 2021
Paintings, Peepshows, and Porcupines: Exhibitions in London 1775–1851
Conveners: Jordan Bear (University of Toronto) and Catherine Roach (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Oct. 2, 2021
Looking Like a Person: Portraits After Coloniality
Conveners: Malik Gaines (NYU) with Melinda McCurdy (The Huntington)

Oct. 14–15, 2021
An Overflow of Meaning: Reading and Rereading Hilary Mantel
Conveners: Lucy Arnold (University of Worcester) and Eileen Pollard (Manchester Metropolitan University)


Feb. 2–4, 2022
Joycean Cartographies: Mapping the Next Century of Ulysses
Conveners: Kevin Dettmar (Pomona), Colleen Jaurretche (UCLA), Karen Lawrence (The Huntington), Karla Nielsen (The Huntington)

April 8–9, 2022
Early Modern Ireland and the Wider World
Conveners: Tim Harris (Brown University) and Jennifer Wells (George Washington University

May 13–14, 2022
Shakespeare and the Poetics and Politics of Relevance
Convener: Dympna Callaghan (Syracuse University)

Conference Guidelines

Guidelines for proposing scholarly conferences