Propose a Conference

Guidelines for Proposing Conferences

The Research Department of The Huntington typically hosts six two-day academic conferences every year, and the Director of Research welcomes the submission of proposals from scholars, based either in the United States or elsewhere, who are interested in convening conferences which either reflect or build upon the strength of the collections in the institution. The conferences are funded and hosted by The Huntington, but are the responsibility of the conveners to develop and explain the intellectual rationale, for example, why is the time right for a conference on this theme, and why is The Huntington the right venue?

Conference Format

  • Held at The Huntington over two days (Friday and Saturday)
  • Includes up to twelve speakers, maximum four from overseas
  • Accommodations and hospitality (at the Caltech Athenaeum) for the conveners and speakers for three nights (four, if traveling from overseas)
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses of conveners and speakers (does not include honorarium)
  • Registration fee of $25 for attendees (waived for students); nominal added lunch charge of $20


Include the following:

  • Conference title
  • 1000-word rationale for the conference explaining its themes and research questions
  • List of titles for each session
  • List of speakers
  • Convener contact details (include names and emails for convener and speakers)

Submission Guidelines - UPDATE

Due to the number of qualifiying proposals received, the conference schedule is now fully booked through 2019-20. No further proposals will be accepted until the spring of 2019.