Between Modernism and Tradition: British Works on Paper, 1914-1948

Mar. 28, 2015Sep. 28, 2015
Huntington Art Gallery, West Wing, Second Floor

Early 20th-century modernism in Britain drew its inspiration from avant-garde art movements in France, Germany, and Italy (especially Cubism and Futurism), though it took on its own idiosyncratic forms, the best known of which was Vorticism, a dynamic style of jarring colors and bold lines that embraced modernity and the machine age. But Britain’s hold on modernism was more fragile than in continental Europe, and the tension between tradition and the avant-garde (signified particularly by a resistance to abstraction) was more pronounced there. This exhibition of about two dozen drawings, watercolors, and prints, drawn from The Huntington’s collections, explores the great range of artistic styles employed by British artists through a period of dramatic social upheaval and change.