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Posted on Nov. 24, 2021 by Kathy Musial
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On Sept. 24, 2021, a Queensland kauri (Agathis robusta) in The Huntington's Rose Garden was designated as a California Big Tree, The Huntington's first such honor. On Nov. 5, Matt Ritter, professor of...

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May. 10, 2022 by Dympna Callaghan
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Henry E. Huntington famously built a landmark collection of rare early editions of William Shakespeares plays and poems, which remain hugely important to scholars. But what about everyone...
May. 3, 2022 by Li Wei Yang
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Reconstructing the social and economic lives of Japanese Americans in Los Angeles in the early to mid-20th century requires a great deal of sleuthing in the archives. One such useful resource is the humble...
Apr. 26, 2022 by Kevin Durkin
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Five remarkable collections that tell vivid stories from the perspectives of a broad range of historical figures landed at The Huntington recently, courtesy of the Library Collectors’ Council, a group...

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