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Posted on Jun. 22, 2017 by Ayana Jamieson
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The papers of award-winning science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947–2006) came to The Huntington in 2008. By the time the collection had been processed and cataloged, more than 40 scholars had...
Posted on Jun. 10, 2016 by Ayana Jamieson
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When it came to finding the confidence to publish her writing, science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947–2006) could count on herself for a pep talk. “I shall be a bestselling writer,” she...
Posted on Jun. 22, 2015 by Ayana Jamieson
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The Huntington’s Education staff recently formed a partnership with WriteGirl, a Los Angeles–based creative writing and mentoring organization...

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Aug. 12, 2020 by Natalie Russell
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Charles Bukowski (1920–94) would have turned 100 on August 16. The so-called "poet laureate of Los Angeles low-life" had a reputation ...
Aug. 5, 2020 by Karla Nielsen
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Most researchers using our literary collections at The Huntington are writing biographies or academic articles. But we also work with publishers and artists ...
Jul. 29, 2020 by Usha Lee McFarling
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If you're returning to The Huntington soon, one of the places you may want to visit is the cycad walk ...

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