Claudia Funke

Avery Chief Curator and Associate Director of Library Collections
Department: Library

Claudia Funke joined The Huntington in August 2016 to lead the Library's Curatorial Department. She reports directly to the Avery Director of the Library and heads a staff of eighteen, including fourteen curators who develop and interpret the Library's vast collections. In addition to coordinating department activities, Funke stewards The Huntington's maps and atlases. She also works with the Avery Director and Avery Deputy Director on Library-wide initiatives. Funke brings to her position decades of professional experience at peer institutions, including The New York Public Library, Columbia University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a past president of The Bibliographical Society of America and holds her M.A. in classics and M.S. in library service from Columbia University. Funke's current Huntington projects include the exhibition "What Now: Collecting for the Library in the 21st Century."