Professional Learning

The Huntington supports teachers both locally and nationwide. We offer free-of-charge programming throughout the year where we invite educators to join our community and learn with Huntington Education staff, curators, collaborators, and scholars. All participants receive digitized resources and a certificate of attendance.

Summer Workshops 2021

Intensive workshops are offered each summer as a unique opportunity for teachers to learn with Huntington education staff, scholars, and curators in The Huntington's diverse collections. Summer workshops are designed to inspire teachers, provide strategies for working with the collections in the hybrid classroom, and build communities of practice. Stipends and materials are available for all workshops. After the workshop, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

This year are offering two separate Huntington Voices workshops: one for K–5 teachers, and one for grades 6–12 teachers. Each workshop will be:

  • 5 days long
  • Facilitated via Zoom from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. daily with synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Anchored in themes to reinvigorate your instruction and support wellness


From left to right: Octavia Butler, vintage Crayons, Gee's Bend quilt, rock in zen gardenHuntington Voices 2021
Week 1: June 14–18; for teachers grades K–5
Week 2: June 21–25; for teachers grades 6–12

Celebrating diverse voices in our collections from various times and places, this five-day workshop brings teachers together to introduce them to compelling content, guide them in the use of primary sources, and learn new teaching strategies. In inspiring teachers with Huntington voices, we hope in turn to inspire student voices. 
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Workshop schedule


Teacher Advisory Panel

Alumni from our teacher institutes are selected to join our Teacher Advisory Panel.  Each educator spends the academic year advising on our curriculum development, providing creative input through lesson planning, and showcasing ways in which we can activate our resources for 21st-century learners in relevant and engaging ways. More

Lectures in the Humanities

The Huntington hosts approximately twenty free public lectures each year on themes related to its collections. More

Interactive Virtual Tours

Students learn about collecting, complete activities, and watch short videos with Library, Art, and Botanical Encounters

Teacher Advisory Panel

Meet the panel members and learn how their contributions are engaging new learners in relevant ways

Teacher Resources

Enrich your teaching with access to free online tools, sample lesson plans, school program visits, and more


Virtual School Programs

The Huntington Comes to Class is an interactive experience, so students will enjoy drawing, writing, movement, and other activities.


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