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Membership FAQs

About Membership Advance Tickets

When are tickets released?

Tickets are released every other Tuesday at 12 p.m. for the next 2 weeks.

How do I reserve a ticket?

Visit our reservation page, enter your Membership ID and last name for verification, proceed to select your desired event, date and visit time before completing your order.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Canceling your reservation frees up space for other Member households to visit. You can cancel your order by clicking on the cancelation link in your order confirmation email.

How do I rebook a reservation?

Please feel free to rebook yourself for another available date and time.

Why is capacity limited?

Due to the LA County and State COVID-19 mandates, to open safely we are required to limit the number of visitors per day. A city inspector is invited out to our facilities periodically to verify enforcement of this requirement.

Why is the system denying the number of tickets I input?

This could be happening for two reasons: (1) the number of tickets requested is not covered by your existing Membership level or (2) the time slot selected has reached capacity in which case, please select an alternate time to visit.

My Membership entitles me to visit every day that you’re open and I haven’t been able to get tickets—why not?

Unfortunately, State and County COVID-19 safety requirements include limited capacity per day and that mandate supersedes Membership benefits.

Why are tickets sometimes available for the public, and “sold out” for Members?

While we prioritize Member visits and provide our Members with the majority of daily capacity, we do allocate a portion of our tickets for the public to provide them with access too.

About my Membership

When will I receive my Membership card?

You can expect to receive your permanent Membership card(s) in approximately 2-3 weeks from the day your contribution is received. If you purchase your Membership online, you will be issued a digital Membership card for immediate use.

How many cards are included with my Membership?

Members receive up to two cards per Membership. In addition, Supporting level and higher can receive two youth entry cards for children ages 13-18, and Supporting, Patron and Benefactor levels receive an additional adult entry card.

Does my Membership grant reciprocal admission benefits at any other museums, libraries or botanical gardens?

Your Huntington Membership does not grant reciprocal admission privileges at any other museums, libraries or botanical gardens nationwide. Inversely, The Huntington does not accept reciprocal admission benefits from participating cultural institutions.

Is my Membership tax deductible?

All Huntington Memberships are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Can my Gift Membership activation package from the Holiday appeal (free Gift Membership with upgrade or renewal of higher level) be used for renewal of my Membership?

No, Gift Memberships received as part of the Holiday Membership upgrade/renewal appeal are not valid for renewal of your own household account.

Using my Membership

Lost/stolen Membership card

There is a $5 processing fee for each replacement card. You may order by calling 626-405-2124, mail your request with a personal check to The Huntington, Membership Department, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108, or stop by the Member Center on your next visit. You will receive your replacement card within 2-3 weeks. You may visit The Huntington in the meantime by presenting your photo I.D. at the membership window, where you will be issued a temporary card.

How can I add a nanny or a caregiver to my Membership?

By joining at the Supporting, Patron or Benefactor level, you may designate a third person for an entry card on the membership. This person may be a family member, nanny, caregiver, or anyone of your choice. Entry card holders do not receive event benefits but do receive the Huntington Store, Café and Coffee Shop discounts. You may also give your guest passes to your nanny or caregiver to use for a one-time entrance, or give them the gift of a Sustaining Membership.

Can I send my children to The Huntington with their grandparents?

Membership cards are non-transferable, so you would need to buy a Membership that allows you to add an extra cardholder (Supporting, Patron or Benefactor) or give the grandparents your one-time use guest passes. Your children’s admission, under age 18, is always covered under your Membership.

If another cardholder on my Membership doesn’t come with me, can I take someone else in their place?

Yes. We require that at least one person named on the card be present with a photo I.D. For example, if you and your husband are listed on your Huntington Membership, you may bring your sister in your husband’s place (but you cannot give your card to your sister to come on her own). To verify how many people are covered under your membership category, see Membership Levels or call 626-405-2124.

If I upgrade or downgrade before my Membership expires, when do my new benefits go into effect?

Newly elected Membership benefits begin immediately upon renewal receipt and processing.

How can I keep up on Huntington events and news?

As a Huntington member, you will receive our monthly e-newsletter, Member announcements and all eligible event and program invitations. To be added to our email list, please contact mailto:[email protected]. The Huntington calendar of events and exhibitions may also be found online.

About Guest Passes

Are guest passes transferable?

Yes. You do not have to accompany your guests to The Huntington and each guest pass is valid for either one adult or child admission.

Do guest passes expire?

Beginning May 2019, guest passes issued are valid for one year from Membership purchase, or renewal month, or valid for two years from purchase, or renewal month of two-year Memberships. Guest passes received prior to May 2019 that do not note an expiration date do not expire and will continue to be accepted.

Lost/stolen guest passes

The Huntington is unable to replace guest passes. Guest passes are mailed with your Membership card. Please keep your guest passes in a safe place.

Do you have a question we haven't answered? Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 626-405-2124 and we'll be happy to help you!