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Authors of Democracy

Explore how writers can use their craft to express political ideas and contribute to democratic society.
Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Visual Arts

  • Context:

- Created Equal: Inventing the American Republic (lesson)
- Rule of Law (learning module)
- A New Birth of Freedom (lesson)
- A House Divided (lesson)
- The Constitution on Trial: The Internment of the Japanese during World War II (lesson)

Plants & People

Explore how people have used plants for a wide variety of purposes throughout history and present day
Subjects: Science, Social Studies

Decoding the Civil War

Explore how new technologies affected wartime communication. By studying this communication, learners can better understand the motivations, perspectives, and experiences of the people involved.
Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Science

Revolutionizing Communication

Explore how medieval advancements in bookmaking and printing technologies revolutionized the way Europeans communicated ideas, and the effect this communication revolution had on future generations.
Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Arts

California & The West

Explore the history of California and the West.
Subjects: Social Studies

To Create a Nation

Explore formative events and ideas in The United States' early history.
Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Art

Primary Source Analysis

Explore resources designed to support primary source analysis. Pair these resources with an exploration of the Huntington Digital Library.
Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Visual Arts

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