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Lectures in the Humanities

The Huntington hosts approximately twenty public lectures each year on themes related to its collections. 

2022 Lectures

February 23, 2022
The Ritchie Distinguished Fellow Lecture
▶ WATCH NOW: Sitting with Sarony (featuring David Shields, professor of English language and literature, University of South Carolina)

March 9, 2022
The Wark Lecture in Art History
▶ WATCH NOW: In Conversation with Ourselves: Wright of Derby’s “Air Pump” as a Modern Moral Subject (featuring David Solkin, renowned art historian)

April 6, 2022
The Rogers Distinguished Fellow Lecture
Is Marriage the Answer? Concerns about Marriage and Racial Inequity from W. E. B. Du Bois to Our Own Times (featuring Tera Hunter,professor of American History and African-American Studies, Princeton University)

April 7, 2022
The Cheng Foundation Lecture
Reckoning with America's Long History of Anti-Asian Violence (featuring Erika Lee, author and historian)

April 13, 2022
The Dibner Lecture in the History of Science and Technology
▶ WATCH NOW: Wonder and Wonders: Eighteenth-Century Science and the Imagination (featuring Tita Chico, professor, University of Maryland)

April 20, 2022
The Isherwood-Bachardy Lecture
▶ WATCH NOW: Skill, Speed, and Diplomacy: The Artistic Achievement of Don Bachardy (featuring Robert Flynn Johnson, urator emeritus of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

May 4, 2022
The Zeidberg Lecture in the History of the Book
▶ WATCH NOW: What is the Value of Historic Libraries? Looking Afresh at the Bridgewater Library, a Jewel in The Huntington Crown (featuring David Pearson, former director or culture, heritage, and libraries for the City of London Corporation)

May 11, 2021
The Ritchie Distinguished Fellow Lecture
The Experience of Literature Before Literature: Presence, Printing, and Publics in Spanish-Mexican California and Texas (featuring Raúl Coronado, professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley)