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Homeschool Visits


  • Homeschool visits are offered on non-holiday Mondays during public hours (10 a.m. -5 p.m.)  
  • Groups must have a minimum of 10 (K-12) students, maximum of 50 students. All students will be granted free admission. 
  • Groups will receive free admission for a maximum of one chaperone for every three students. If more adults want to enter with the group, admission tickets can be purchased for any adults over the 3:1 student-to-chaperone ratio. Admission is always free for children under 4 years of age.


Optional Interactive Homeschool Kits

Kits are available to reserve for self-guided homeschool visits for groups of 15 students or less. The kit, a backpack with activity sheets, magnifying glass and other tools, is a self-guided interactive lesson to encourage close-looking and analysis of The Huntington's three collection areas: the library, art collections, and botanical gardens.

Kits may be reserved when you schedule your homeschool visit
When you schedule your visit, indicate the number of kits needed and the grade of the students visiting. Kits may be picked up at admission windows, and must be returned at the end of the day.

Download homeschool kit

Preparing for Your Homeschool Visit

  • Picnicking is only allowed in the outdoor school lunch area, near the bus drop-off zone, and is not permitted inside the grounds. We do not have a covered lunch area in case of rain. Please plan accordingly. 
  • One chaperone is required for every ten students at all times. All chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.
  • All backpacks must be placed in a locker. Lockers are free and located at Admission.

Tips for Your Homeschool Visit

As visitors to The Huntington (both students and chaperones), we ask for your help keeping our exhibits and grounds safe and clean.

  • Stay Together – Students must stay with their teacher, chaperone, or parent. Staying together helps everyone spend more time touring and, also, helps The Huntington staff keep everyone safe.
  • Hands (and Body) to Yourself – Keep hands (and feet and body) to yourself. Students can help us protect The Huntington and our exhibits by not touching the artwork, the furniture, the sculptures, display cases, and the garden installations.
  • Indoor Voices – Use indoor voices both inside and outside while on the grounds. Keeping voices quiet also helps other visitors enjoy our public spaces.
  • Feet on the Path – Help us keep our gardens healthy and always stay on the paths.
  • Walk Inside and Outside – Walking, instead of running, helps keep our gardens and exhibits protected and keeps you safe in our buildings and gardens.
  • Gadgets Off – Turn off cell phones in the galleries and library – this makes for less distraction and noise during visits. During tours, no photography is allowed. No flash photography in any of the galleries or library. Photography in the gardens is encouraged during public hours.  

Interactive Virtual Tours

Students learn about collecting, complete activities, and watch short videos with Library, Art, and Botanical Encounters

Teacher Advisory Panel

Meet the panel members and learn how their contributions are engaging new learners in relevant ways

Teacher Resources

Enrich your teaching with access to free online tools, sample lesson plans, school program visits, and more


Virtual School Programs

The Huntington Comes to Class is an interactive experience, so students will enjoy drawing, writing, movement, and other activities.


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