2019 Fall/Winter


Early interior of the Huntington Library Building in 1919-1920
Oct. 15, 2019
Issue: 2019 Fall/Winter

Henry and Arabella Huntington looked to the future by safeguarding the past

Alfonso C. Gomez, Henry E. Huntington’s longtime valet, sat for an interview in 1959, more than three decades after his employer’s death. 

Hamlet and the ghost of Hamlet’s father in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act I, Scene IV (engraving based on a painting by Henry Fuseli)
Oct. 16, 2019
Issue: 2019 Fall/Winter

The Huntington's copy of the first edition of the play upended the play's history

In 1914, Henry E. Huntington acquired from the Duke of Devonshire a collection of English drama that included one of two surviving copies of the first edition of Hamlet

Vine Street at Sunset Boulevard, at Night, July 27, 1948. Photograph by Bob Plunkett. Ernest Marquez Collection. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.
Oct. 17, 2019
Issue: 2019 Fall/Winter

Author Lynell George reflects on assembling the Huntington timeline

As part of the preparation for The Huntington’s Centennial year, Los Angeles–based journalist and essayist Lynell George spent months delving into the history of the institution

Bee keeper taking out honeycomb
Oct. 12, 2019
Issue: 2019 Fall/Winter

Beekeeper Kevin Heydman's relocation process is one for the books

Bees are no strangers to The Huntington. There are numerous hives in trees on the property that cause few problems

John Singer Sargent, Sphinx and Chimera, 1916–1921
Oct. 13, 2019
Issue: 2019 Fall/Winter

A young conservator carefully restores a John Singer Sargent oil sketch

For several weeks in early 2019, three members of a younger generation of conservators worked under The Huntington's senior paintings conservator