Exhibition Archive


Digital mockup of the installation “An Offering to Roots” by Tang Qingnian, banners erected in the middle of the Chinese Garden lake
Tang Qingnian
The Eavesdroppers, by Charles Altamont Doyle, a painting of a prince and princess in a field with fairies at their feet
Charles Doyle
View of Agra, India
Prospects of India
Celia Paul
Painting of Venice
Venice: Real and Imagined
Dancing rituals
Rituals of Labor
la stock exchange
Architects of a Golden Age
blue boy
Project Blue Boy
Sustainable Luxury
Spirit and Essence, Line and Form: The Graphic Work of Henry Moore
Out of the Woods: Celebrating Trees in Public Gardens
radiant beauty
Radiant Beauty: E. L. Trouvelot's Astronomical Drawings
Italian Light
Nativity scene
Burne-Jones' Nativity
Stubbs' Zebra
Stubbs' Zebra
Vase by Juliana Wisdom
Collections: WCCW five at The Huntington
Watercolor of climbing lily
Pursuit of Flora
Engraving of St. Jerome
The Reformation
Frederick Hammersley
Tiffany Favrile Glass Vase
Tiffany Favrile Glass
Nuestro Mundo
Nuestro Mundo
Sonic Botany
Sonic Botany
Visual Voyages
Visual Voyages
Blakes Paradise Lost
Drawn to Paradise
Octavia Butler
Etching of debtors prison
Pugin, Prisons, and the Plight of the Poor
Man in 17th century dress with mustache
A History of Whiskers
Origami orchid
Folded Transformations
Image of Grand Canyon
Geographies of Wonder Part 2
Photograph by Edward Weston
Real American Places
Chinese woodblock print
Chinese Woodblock Prints
Artwork by Lari Pittman
Lari Pittman: Mood Books
Portrait of Dora Carrington
Blast! Modernist Painting
Hospital at Saint-Remy by Vincent Van Gogh
Van Gogh & Friends
Photograph by Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
View of national parks
Geographies of Wonder
Infant Bacchus
Spirit Boys
Painting with a young lady and climbing red roses
The Artist's Garden
Self-portrait by Alex Israel
Alex Israel at The Huntington
Portrait of Amelia Ramsay
Friends & Family
Y.C. Hong
Y. C. Hong
Photograph of a crowd of children
A World of Strangers
A painting of Chimborazo
American Made
Scene of chaos at an outdoor market
Funny Business
Magna Carta
Magna Carta
Drawing of heirloom tomato
Weird, Wild & Wonderful
Painting of girl with rabbit
Velvet Paintings
Watercolor of ruins
Glory After the Fall
Edward Burra artwork
Between Modernism
Gallery of Louvre
Samuel F. B. Morse’s “Gallery of the Louvre”
The passing of the 13th amendment
The U.S. Constitution and the End of American Slavery
Watercolor by Thomas Rowlandson
Working Women
Henry Fuseli artwork
Eccentric Visions
Photograph of Stonehenge by Caponigro
Bruce Davidson Paul Caponigro
Henry Fuselis Three Witches
Henry Fuseli’s The Three Witches
Watercolor of demons
Wrestling with Demons
World War I poster
Your Country Calls!
Indians making a canoe
Highlights of American Drawings and Watercolors
Durer Saint Eustace
Albrecht Dürer
St. John in the Archimedes Palimpsest
Lost and Found: The Secrets of Archimedes
Monastery of Saint Augustine, Canterbury
Topography to Tourism
Marble bust of Madame Paul-Louis Girardot de Vermenoux
Seduction in Stone
Detail of screen by Sargent Claude Johnson
Sargent Claude Johnson: A Masterpiece Restored
Engraving of Triumph of Wisdom over Ignorance
Crossing the Alps
Christ Blessing
Face to Face
Mission Carmel
Junípero Serra and the Legacies of the California Missions
Illustration of Beauty and the Beast
Illuminated Palaces
Etching by Thomas Gainsborough
Gainsborough in Print
The Cottage Door
Revisiting The Cottage Door
Ives Family Coat of Arms
Useful Hours
Photograph of Shopping Bag store
Form and Landscape
Watercolor of California Poppy
When They Were Wild
Drawing of clasping hands
A Show of Hands
Shorb-White wedding party
Cultivating California
Print of men demonstrating
Maurice Merlin and the American Scene
Staggered Lamp Study
Lesley Vance & Ricky Swallow
Watercolor of sailors and ship
Britain and the Sea
Drawing by Marsden Hartley
Alpine Skeletons
Recruitment handbill
A Just Cause
Portrait of a Lady
Royals, Courtiers, and Confidants
Hanging of the Lincoln Conspirators
A Strange and Fearful Interest
Winter Fields by Roger Medearis
Roger Medearis: His Regionalism
Jean de Thévenot by Philippe de Champaigne
French Travelers to the East
Print of a train
Visions of Empire
Al Martinez
Al Martinez: Bard of L.A.
Etching of The Music Room
Whistler, Haden, and the Gentle Art of Etching
San Gabriel Mission
Water Began It All
Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirror
Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirrors from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection
Building a Northrop Delta
Blue Sky Metropolis
Portrait of Goya
Dreams, Disasters, and Reality
Sam Maloof in workshop
The House that Sam Built
Out of the Shadows
Pre-Raphaelites and Their Followers
Satirical print of the Prince of Wales as a whale
Revisiting the Regency
Born to Endless Night
Three Fragments of a Lost Tale
Taxing Visions
The Lure of Myth
Beauty and Power: Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes
Charles Bukowski: Poet on the Edge
Evolving Ideas
British Landscape Prints
The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs
California Landscapes
A Clash of Empires
A Clash of Empires: The Seven Years' War and British America
Child's Play
The Golden Age in the Golden State
Central Avenue and Beyond
Drawn to Satire
The Color Explosion
British Watercolors of the Eastern Mediterranean
Karen Halverson
Samuel Johnson
Weng Collection
Collecting Lincoln
Highgrove Florilegium
Greene & Greene
Darwin's Garden
This Side of Paradise
Jack Smith
The Legacy of Wallace Neff
Smith on Wry: Jack Smith exhibition object list