Frontiers Spring Summer 2014




frontiers-bellows-s14What is it Telling Us?

Pondering one of George Bellows’ final paintings
By Kevin Salatino


In a dazzling career spanning only 19 years, Bellows leapt, effortlessly, from achievement to achievement... more


frontiers-s14-botanistv2Growing Enthusiasm

A small plant feeds big dreams for a botanist doing field research in Namibia
By Diana W. Thompson


The red sandstone cliffs of Namibia's Waterberg Plateau are home to many rare and exotic animals... more





frontiers-s14-news-bytesNews Bytes

Zenobia in Squint  •  The Grace Nicholson Photograph Archive  •  Couplets Abound  •  Thank You to Mary Robertson


frontiers-s14-octaviaAccessions: Beyond Category

Unpacking Octavia Butler
By Natalie Russell 


Cataloging a manuscript collection is a bit like opening Pandora's Box...


A Closer Look: Riveting Imagery

By David H. Mihaly


In the oversized arms of a shipbuilder, a rivet gun takes on symbolic meaning... more  

frontiers-s14-beautiful-peopleLessons Learned: The Beautiful People 

By Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell 


In the 1690's, England's Parliament began to meet annually for the first time, luring aristocrats to London... more

frontiers-s14-in-printIn Print: Recommended Reading

 •  In Female Alliances: Gender, Identity and Friendship in Early Modern Britain 

 •  The Courthouse Crowd: Los Angeles County and Its Government 1850 - 1950 

 •  Freedom's Frontier: California and the Struggle over Unfree Labor, Emancipation, and Reconstruction

frontiers-s14-postscriptPostscript: Possessing the Land

By Matt Stevens 


When writer Mary Austin moved from Illinois to California in 1888, she arrived at the end of a two-year boom-bust cycle... more








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