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The Helen and Peter Bing Children’s Garden is celebrating ten years of introducing youngsters to the wonders of the natural world through interactive sculptural elements based on the themes of earth, air, fire, and water. Designed by California kinetic artist Ned Kahn, children get to splash in water, make music with pebbles, dance under rainbows, disappear into a swirl of fog, and hold the magic of magnetic forces in their hands. They might not realize it, but they’re learning about the building blocks of life: Nothing grows without light, water, earth, and air.

Plants such as topiary animals, weeping mulberry trees, papyrus, and tree aloes create a whimsical atmosphere. Parents and grandparents can watch their children from shaded benches in the garden’s center or from a comfortable overlook platform.




Prism tunnel - as children scramble through the tunnel, they are surrounded by colored arcs and soft halos of light.


Rainbow room - sunlight plays across pulses of mist to create an eye-catching circular rainbow children can play in.


Topiary volcano - flame-colored flax leaves grow atop this interactive "volcano." 






Magnetic sand - powerful magnets can be used to manipulate the sand and teach about the interaction of force fields.


Los Angeles-centered globe - sunlight, shadows, and surface heat play across this child-sized globe.


Pebble chimes - children can compose unique symphonies simply using pebbles and sand. Listen






Sonic pool - vibrations at the rim of the basin create intersecting waves and ripples.


Vortex and water bells - tiny hands can re-direct the flow of water to create new shapes and paths.






Fog grotto - fog, generated by high-pressure nozzles, flows in and fills the grotto, only to be swept away by a sudden breeze.


Fragrance garden - the air is perfumed with the gentle aromas of citrus, rosemary, lavender, and other fragrance-rich plants.



Other children's activities at The Huntington


Discovery Carts are mobile, educational exhibits for children and families that encourage observation and exploration. Discovery Carts offer visitors the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities in the gardens using live plants, artifacts, and other objects. The carts available are located in the Chinese, Japanese and Desert gardens.


The Children's Garden is funded in part by a generous gift from Helen and Peter Bing.




"A Song of Pebble and Line"

sights and sounds of the Children's Garden





Children's Garden Map



A Garden Where Children Grow


  • Entry included with general admission.

  • Open during normal public hours.

  • Bring a swimsuit for little ones.

  • Supervise children at all times (one adult for every four children).

  • Park strollers outside Children’s Garden.

  • Refrain from running in the garden.

  • All visitors must wear shoes.

  • Do not remove anything from the garden.

  • No picnics please.

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