ISI Schick Hybrids

1996–2004 Catalog

Echinopsis 'Cassandra'

Echinopsis 'Cassandra'
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Echinopsis 'Cassandra'  

Flower fragrant, to 4 ½ inches (11 cm) across. Petals obovate, subequal, flat, bicolored, bright purple-red and light orange with a red midrib. Throat-circle delicate orangish. Filaments dark fuchsia. Flowers fragrant. Stem semicolumnar, to 3 ½ inches (9cm) across; central spines to 5/8 inch (18 mm) long. Named for actress, Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira. ISI 98-5; HBG 81757, Schick 896-16.



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