Dibner Hall of the History of Science



Modern Perspectives


Watch videos or scientists and historians discussing the beauty of science.


"This connection between what is true and what is beautiful has not always existed in the way that it exists today."


"The calcium in our bones was created inside a star."

Daniela Bleichmar
University of Southern California

Historian Daniela Bleichmar discusses historical intersections between art and science. view »


Chris Butler
Griffith Observatory

Astronomer Chris Butler discusses suns, stardust, and other worlds. view »



"Why do we like certain sounds and not others?"


"Some people would see order as beautiful, some people would see diversity as beautiful."

Elaine Chew
University of Southern California

Engineer and musician Elaine Chew explores science and the aesthetics of music. view »


Jan Golinski
University of New Hampshire

Historian Jan Golinski describes different concepts of beauty in science. view »



"It’s really interesting to get into the meditative timeframe of an elephant."


"The laws that govern the things that you see are totally invisible."

Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell
Stanford University

Biologist Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell studies elephant communication and behavior. view »


Kenneth Phillips
California Science Center

Physicist Kenneth Phillips talks about human engagement with universal laws. view »



"I think science can be intimidating."


"The most beautiful thing in science is the complexity."

Amy Ross
California Institute of Technology

Cancer researcher Amy Ross studies the human immune system. view »


Craig Stanford
University of Southern California

Primate researcher Craig Stanford discusses complex ecosystems and testing hypotheses. view »



"Often explanations have a beauty in their simplicity."



Paul Nurse
Biochemist and President of Rockefeller University

Nobel Laureate Paul Nurse speaks on spirituality, simplicity, and beauty. view »




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