Chinese Garden News - Phase Two Moves Forward

December 01, 2012

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In December, The Huntington hosted a working visit from two key members of the Chinese design team that is developing plans for Phase II of Liu Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance 流芳園. Fengchun He 賀鳳春, president of the Suzhou Institute of Landscape Architectural Design 蘇州園林設計院有限公司, and Liurong Feng 馮留榮, vice general manager of Suzhou Garden Development Company 蘇州園林發展股份有限公司, spent several days meeting with project staff and gave an evening presentation to a group of donors to share some of their ideas for the garden’s next stage.


“There is no substitute for in-person meetings with our colleagues from China,” said Laurie Sowd, vice president for operations. “During their visit, we spent hours working through drawings for the next phase, walking the site, and planning difficult engineering tasks. The visit of Ms. He and Mr. Feng also served to renew and strengthen old friendships and continue the trusting relationship that has made Liu Fang Yuan such a success.”


Air China, a generous corporate partner during Phase I, provided round-trip air transport from China for these visitors. “The Chinese Garden at The Huntington is a landmark for cultural exchange between China and the United States,” said the company’s vice president, Zhihang Chi. “Air China is honored to be part of it.”


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