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January 01, 2014

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A pathway is paved with a flower-patterned mosaic.

In a classical Chinese garden, one of the things that captivates visitors is the exquisite craftsmanship: the beautiful detail of wood carving, stone work, and tile. As construction progresses on the first portion of Phase II of the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, that craftsmanship is very much in evidence. Twenty-three artisans from Suzhou, China, have been busy since September working with ValleyCrest Landscape Companies on three new features around the edge of the lake: the Waveless Boat Pavilion, the Clear and Transcendent Pavilion, and a rock grotto known as Lingering Clouds Peak. Their skill and artistry lends a timeless beauty to the garden, evoking the classical 16th-century “scholar’s gardens” that inspired Liu Fang Yuan. Watch for these new features to open in March.


Funding for Phase II of the Garden of Flowing Fragrance is being made possible by gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and by generous in-kind donations. To date, $8 million of the $22 million goal has been received. For gifts of $100,000 or more, special name recognition is available at sites within the garden.


A pathway is paved with a flower-patterned mosaic. 



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