Frontiers Fall/Winter 2014




fw14_lincolns_bodyLincoln's Body in Life and In Death

Richard W. Fox ties Lincoln's body to his words and deeds


A history professor at the University of Southern California explains how Lincoln's body fascinated Americans throughout his life and even after death... more


 fw14_view_masterView Master

A photographer immerses himself in bonsai and penjing
By Matt Stevens


"It made perfect sense to combine these two things," photographer Stephen Hilyard says, pulling bonsai and large-format 3-D into the broader category he calls "mediation"...  more





fw14_news_bytesNews Bytes

Picturing Stinky  •  Strangers No More  •  The Library Tomorrow  •  New Rooms with Views


fw14_vesuviusA Closer Look: On the Nature of Vesuviu

Finding the sublime in a newly acquired pair of paintings
By Catherine Hess


Geological phenomenon and source of drama, this volcano inspired many artists, including Pierre-Jacques Volaire of France... more

fw14_lincolns_last_breathLessons Learned: Lincoln's Last Breath

By Aizita Margaña


How Lincoln's death helped revive the practice of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation...more

fw14_mourningFresh Take: Mourning Attire

When black became the new black
By Matt Stevens


The death of France's Louis XV in 1774 was good for fashion... more

fw14_in_printIn Print: A Sampling of Books Based on Research in the Collections


fw14_namibiaPostscript: When It Rains, It Pours

The fruits of a return trip to Namibia
By Diana W. Thompson


Researchers knew the plants were out there. They just needed someone with determination to document them, even if it meant trekking halfway around the globe—twice... more




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