Available Employment Opportunities


Positions will remain posted until filled or until a sufficient pool of qualified candidates has been established. Please refer to the job number when you submit a resume or complete an application for a posted position.


Positions Available as of Sept. 19, 2014  


Asian Gardens Specialist Gardener 


Job Number: 008-14

Department: Botanical

Classification: Regular, Full-Time, Hourly, 40 hours per week 


Working under the supervision of and reporting to the Curator of the Asian Gardens, maintains and oversees the Tea Garden and cut-flower garden, and performs related specialty tasks throughout the Japanese Garden in general (pruning and training woody material, planting, and specialty grooming). Ensures that assigned gardens maintain high standards. Performs garden maintenance and planting as necessary. Must be present in the botanical gardens, working along with gardeners in all weather conditions. Use of tools and equipment is common.


Essential Functions: Responsible for pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs in Japanese style and pruning techniques. Assisting with documentation, tracking, labeling of plants in collections. Works with volunteers, interns, outside contractors and other staff to insure Tea Garden and cut flower garden are properly planted and maintained to the highest standards and Japanese tradition. Responds to issues and concerns with Japanese Garden landscape when curator is not present. Assists with maintenance, preservation, and use of Tea House. Works with curator to select and layout plants for cut flower garden, plants and cultivates. Assists Curator on special projects.


The Specialist Gardener is also responsible for hands-on planting, pruning, watering, weeding and cultivation of plants in garden areas. Ensures that assigned areas are maintained with high standards - assumes general garden duties. Applies fertilizers, mulch, and pesticides as necessary. Meets regularly with curator for scheduling activities relating to staff and gardens. Notes and reports conditions relating to irrigation, water features, structural elements, paths and plants. Assists with management of assigned garden areas, which may include supervision of garden staff and coordinating volunteer and intern activities. Ensures that gardens are safe and that staff work safely. Maintains equipment and ensures repairs are done as needed. Keeps inventory of equipment and supplies.


May assist with minor construction. Monitors the impact of construction on plant materials during construction and during other non-related activities in the gardens. May purchase equipment and supplies. Works extra hours on weekends or evenings for a specific function connected with area of responsibility.Assists with monitoring condition of structures and walled systems.Other duties as assigned.


Qualifications: Special knowledge, training, and skills in Japanese style pruning and shaping of plants, as well as garden design and rock placement. Thorough knowledge of gardening such as may be obtained through completion of college-level coursework in Horticulture or related education or experience. Knowledge of plant material. Able to learn accessioning and inventorying system of plants in the gardens. Knowledge of safe gardening and work practices. Basic knowledge of garden chemical usage. Able to perform physical work in the gardens which may include bending, pulling, stooping, hauling, working from ladders, walking long distances, and lift moderate and occasionally heavy loads. Able to assess quality (including the visual appeal) of work done within the garden. Good communication skills. Able to work extra hours (sometimes on weekends) for specific functions such as symposia, events, festivals, etc. Self-motivated and capable of working alone or in a group. English and Spanish speaking preferred.


Experience: 5 years experience with all aspects of gardening including planting, pruning, weeding, irrigation, care of equipment, etc. Experience supervising employees and/or volunteers desirable. 






Job Number: 031-14 

Department: Botanical

Classification: Regular, Full-time, Salaried, 40 hours per week


As a working supervisor, The Huntington Arborist manages crews, contractors, and resources dedicated to maintaining a healthy, highly diverse tree collection and canopy. Working with Curators and other Supervisors, the Arborist and reporting staff (and contractors):


•    Establish and conduct a complete program of tree care and maintenance

•    Evaluate condition, potential hazards, and needs of woody plants in Huntington collections and material to be acquired;

•    Advise and assist with decision-making and acquisition of woody plants;

•    Collaborate with curators and other supervisors to plan placement of additions and changes to the woody plant collections and displays;

•    Acquire, receive, and relocate trees and woody plants;

•    Plant, prune, secure, and train trees and woody shrubs for proper development;

•    Ensure trees are properly labeled and mapped;

•    Respond to storm events through clearing, pruning, and restoring canopies;

•    Manage greenwaste recycling through relocating, processing, composting, and distributing organic materials;

•    Assist with management of woody fruit tree collection;

•    Support construction and other institutional programs and needs through planning, managing, and conducting necessary tree work;

•    Support research into disease, pests, orchard crops, and plant introduction; stay current and respond to current information concerning these issues;

•    Operate, maintain, rent, and ensure safe operation of  equipment necessary for tree work, including chainsaws and trimming devices, trucks and dump trucks, boom trucks & telehandlers, tub grinders, loaders.


Direct Responsibilities: Manages staff, volunteers, and contractors. Oversees safe operations and trains staff in best practices and safety. Operates equipment, responsible for quality and appropriate pruning and treatment. Works collaboratively and continually with Curators and other managers to determine needs and activities related to trees and woody plants. Institutes the Living Plants Collections Policy for tree collections and protected specimens.


Qualifications & Experience: Appropriate field experience in equipment operation and arboriculture. Artistic, balanced, and ecologically-sound approach to tree training and cultivation. Thorough knowledge of tree identification and biology. Understanding and appreciation of traditional styling and treatment appropriate to different landscapes. Current knowledge as to tree planting, training, and treatment research and standards. Certification (through ISA or equivalent) as an Arborist and/or Tree Worker. Fluency in English and Spanish.





Managing Editor

Job Number: 009-15

Department: Communications

Classification: Regular, Hourly, Full Time, 37.5 hours per week


Essential Functions: Working under the direction of the Vice President for Communications, the Managing Editor edits Huntington Frontiers magazine (the semi-annual magazine of The Huntington) and The Huntington’s Annual Report, coordinating all aspects of production for the publications. S/he writes press releases about upcoming exhibitions, new acquisitions, and notable events, and also copy edits and proofreads all materials produced by the Office of Communications according to house style. The incumbent serves as primary editor for Verso, the blog of The Huntington, and oversees production of audio and video programs produced by the Office of Communications. S/he has extensive contact with scholars, visiting lecturers, senior staff, and curators. The incumbent supervises the New Media Developer, whose responsibilities include day-to-day technical management of the blog and Tumblr; production of audio and video; and strategizing about the adoption of new media and communications platforms.


Duties:  Reporting directly to the Vice President for Communications, the managing editor works with a team of communication professionals in conducting outreach to The Huntington’s multiple audiences across multiple platforms. Develops and maintains editorial calendar for Frontiers magazine and Annual Report. Develops story ideas; assigns stories and deadlines to writers; writes some original copy. Edits, proofreads, and copy edits a variety of material; ensures that all documents meet established content standards. Writes news releases and related materials. Oversees the blog, scheduling and editing posts from a wide cast of writers. Supervises the New Media Developer. Works as a member of the digital communications team, meeting weekly to set editorial schedules, coordinate work, and brainstorm projects and activities. Works with Vice President for Communications to oversee proper use of Huntington style, ensuring continuity within and among the institution’s printed and online materials. Oversees the Huntington’s presence on iTunes U, ensuring that audio from lectures, conferences, and other events are properly captured, edited, and posted in a timely manner.


Qualifications: Excellent oral and written skills, with demonstrated ability to write high-quality news and feature stories. Demonstrated ability to write well on deadline, with the express capability of translating technical, scholarly concepts and prose into lively, accessible text written for the layperson. Demonstrated ability to edit according to AP style. Demonstrated ability to work in an office environment, work productively as a member of a team, and meet deadlines. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities. Qualified candidate would have a background in magazine writing and publishing, but would also be seasoned in writing and publishing in the digital environment. Educational requirements: B.A. degree. Experience: Five to seven years of magazine publishing/editorial experience required, preferably in a museum, library, or university setting. To apply: Send resume, cover letter, and three clips. Application will not be considered without cover letter and clips. Date Posted: August 8, 2014.




Bus Greeter (2 Positions Available) 


Job Number: 0013-15, 014-15

Department: Education

Classification: Temporary, Hourly, Part Time, 4.5 hours per week


Working under the supervision of the School Programs Manager, this individual will greet school groups every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, assisting them in storing lunches and organizing into groups to begin their docent-led visits to The Huntington. May also assist with necessary preparations for the visits.


Qualifications: Ability to use good judgment and focus attention to detail required. Must be able to work under pressure in a fast paced environment. Must be physically able to board a school bus. Must be a team player, outgoing, and able to interact effectively with staff, volunteers, teachers and students.





On-Call Security Officer (3 Positions Available)

Job Number: 018-15, 019-15, 020-15

Department: Security 

Classification: On-Call


Working under direct supervision, is assigned to work in galleries or gardens to protect visitors, collection and property.  Duties may include performing security patrols by foot, answering visitor inquiries, respond to emergencies according to defined procedures; and monitor movement of staff, visitors, assets, equipment and materials. Must be available to work weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


1. Patrols assigned areas to protect visitors, collections and property.  These areas may be regular or special posts; assignments may change daily and within a single shift.

2. Observe, detect and report on damage to property as well as safety and or security hazards.

3. Maintain a high level of customer service to staff and visitors.

4. This position requires standing for long periods of time (up to 6 hours per shift) and wearing of a radio earpiece at normal volume setting.

5. Greets visitors; provides information, direction and other assistance to ensure visitors have a positive experience.  

6. May be assigned outdoors and construction posts which may include inclement weather, dust, dirt and noise.

7. Enforces Huntington and Security policies and regulations within guidelines provided, using good judgment and excellent public relations skills; refers unresolved concerns or problems to supervisor.

8. Responds to alarms according to established guidelines.

9. Assists staff, visitors and others in the safe evacuation of buildings and other areas.

10. Responds to incidents and emergencies according to Huntington policy – same for On-Call Security Officers.

Other Functions: May be asked to administer first aid to staff or visitors. May be asked to perform security responsibilities for special events, construction activities, filming, and other special functions, at any hours of the day and during any days of the week. Perform other duties as assigned.


Qualifications: High School diploma or equivalent. Able to understand and explain policies and procedures thoroughly and clearly. Able to speak and articulate clearly for radio and personal communication.  Must be able to hear communications accurately over the radio and in person.  Must be able to read written documentation, pamphlets, and computer screen. Able to see with clarity up to 75 feet. Sufficient mobility and strength to patrol assigned areas for up to 6 hours standing, and to assist others to evacuate buildings and other areas, including such activities as holding a heavy door open for several minutes at a time and climbing stairs. Able to exercise good judgment at all times. Have a high level of integrity; be tactful and courteous in dealing with visitors, staff, vendors, readers and others.Valid California driver’s license. Able to work a varied schedule which is subject to change.


Skills, Knowledge, and Experience: Experience interacting with others in a professional setting, where courtesy, a positive demeanor, and tact are required. Experience in a security related field preferred but not required. CPR and First Aid qualifications preferred. Experience in building evacuations and emergency response preferred. 






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