Grounding in Botany Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for grades 9-12 by topic
Do Plants Get Cancer?  The Effects of Infecting Sunflower Seedlings with Agrobaterium tumefaciens
The Effects of Gibberellic Acid  
How Sweet It Is: Enzyme Action in Germinating Seeds
Fruit Salad -- Hold the DNA, Please
Growing Like a Weed: Plant Cell Elongation 
Monocots and Dicots: A Crash Course in Cutting and Comparing Corn and Coleus
Rooting for Mitosis
The Plant Cell: Peeping into Potatoes, Peppers, and Pears
The "You" in Diffusion
Tiny Cells and Agar Gels (A Supplement to "Why Cells Aren't Big")
Using Math to Talk About Cells: Surface-to-Volume Ratios in Biology
Using Math to Talk About Cells Answers: Surface-to-Volume Ratios in Biology

As You Like It
Zoo and Botanical Gardens Biome Contract 
Quiet Invaders: Looking at Invasive Species in Our Midst 
The Rain upon the Radishes

Bean There, Done That: A Hardy-Weinberg Simulation
Natural Selection: For the Birds
Reading Plants  

Design a Screen
Quickie Genetics (A Supplement to Genetic Crossing Labs)
The Daily Variety
3, 2, 1 -- Countdown to Genetics  (Courtesy of Carolina Biological)

Fast Plant Chromatography
Supplement to "Exploring Photosynthesis with Fast Plants"
The Red and Yellow: Carbon Fixation  
Impressions of a Stoma

Plant Reproduction
Making Plant Clones 
The Joy of (Plant) Sex  
Dissect a Flower

Scientific Logic
Cause, Effect, or Coincidence?

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