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Goal for Phase II: $22 million

Total Raised as of February 23, 2015: $13.6 million (including $1 million in equivalent RMB)


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Phase II Under Way

If you thought it was beautiful already, just wait until you see what the future holds for Liu Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance. And you won’t have long to wait: Construction of the second phase of The Huntington’s Chinese Garden is now officially under way. A group of 23 artisans from Suzhou, China worked with Valley Crest Landscape Companies on three new features on the west and north sides of the lake. (The south and east sides were completed in the garden’s first phase, which opened to visitors in 2008.)



Left to right: Garden of Falling Petals, Flowery Brush Studio

Left to right: Garden of Falling Petals 落英苑, Flowery Brush Studio 筆花書房


Left to right: World in a Wine Pot, Cloudy Forest Court

Left to right: World in a Wine Pot 壺天, Cloudy Forest Court 雲林院


The new elements include a rock grotto, eloquently named Lingering Clouds Peak, and two tile-roofed buildings: the boat-shaped Waveless Boat Pavilion and the Clear and Transcendent Pavilion, the latter of which will serve as a performance space. 


Left to right: Waveless Boat Pavilion, rock grotto of Lingering Clouds Peak, Clear and Transcendent Pavilion.


Development of this portion of the garden continues The Huntington’s international partnership with the Suzhou Institute of Landscape Architecture and Design and the skilled carpenters, stone masons, and tile experts of Suzhou Construction. Earlier work by this team on the garden’s existing features has been much praised for the authentic craftsmanship that evokes the classical 16th century “scholar’s gardens” that inspired Liu Fang Yuan. 


The garden remains open to visitors during construction, which is expected to continue through early spring. Stop by the garden for a cup of jasmine tea and check out the progress on your next visit. 


Funding for Phase II of the Garden of Flowing Fragrance is being made possible by gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and by generous in-kind donations. To date, $13.6 million of the $22 million goal has been received. Donors of $10,000 or more receive permanent listing on the group donor wall. For $100,000 or more, special name recognition is available at sites within the garden. For more information, please contact 


Our thanks to the following donors who have made gifts of $50,000 or more to Phase II of Liu Fang Yuan 流芳園 (as of April 27, 2016)

Wallis Annenberg and the Annenberg Foundation

The Cheng Family Foundation

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Wen - Hua Chang: C. Joseph and Shwu- Nuo H. Chang, Dr. Frederick Chang, Patrick Chang

Margaret F. Leong and Michael P. Checca

Fred Y. and Sarah W. Chen

Andrew and Peggy Cherng and the Panda Restaurant Group

The William and Jeanette Chow Family: Joyce, Wilson, Jessica, Jacqueline Fong Yu, and Wyatt Fong De Chow

Nancy, Harry, Karen, Kevin, and Kirk Chu

East West Bank

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Goodwin and Yama Gaw

Mr. Huang Nubo and the Zhongkun Group

In memory of Marian Prentice Huntington and her son John Brockway Huntington: Marian Prentice Huntington Schinske, Elizabeth Gompertz Huntington, and Julie Bates Huntington de Polo

Michael, Eva, Aaron, Morgan, and Nathan Jen

Jennie Kiang and HYI

Engr. Joseph L. Koo and Dr. Helen C. Koo

David and Ellen Lee and the Lee Family

Michael, Michelle, and Rachel Lee

The Li Family: Hailin, Xiaoyan, Xiang, Han, Irwin

June and Simon K.C. Li

The Lin Family: William, Lucy, Stephanie, and Dennis Lin

Judy Yin Shih and Joel Axelrod

Christina Singleton and Celene Qingyun Mednick

In loving memory of Yi-Hsiang Sun: Mei-Chu Hsu Sun

Tsan Tsung Memorial Foundation

Wan-go and Virginia Weng

Richard and Bobbie Woo

J. Yang and Family Foundation

The Zhang Family: Sophia, Jeffrey, Caren, and Johnny Zhang

The Zhang family: Simon, Claire, Tiffany, and Maggie


And a special thanks to these in-kind donors:

Air China

China Shipping (Group) Company

COSCO–China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company

The Dedeaux Family and DART Trucking Company

Elizabeth Dong and Samuel Liu, Owners of SBT Bus Line

The Lincoln Plaza Hotel

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