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1  More than 150 years before Huntington visitors entered NASA/JPL’s Orbit Pavilion to hear sounds of satellites studying the Earth, Londoners ventured into John Wyld’s “Colossal Globe.”


Air SpadeConservation2  Over time, a tree can suffocate from the soil, leaf litter, and other natural materials that accumulate around its base. Air spade to the rescue!


3  Conservation intern Nicole Alvarado worked with staff to unroll historic panoramic photographs—and we captured the process in a time-lapse video.


Free Floating Clouds4  With a bit of historical context, some technical details, and a handful of juicy close-ups, you might not look at Free Floating Clouds in the same way again.

Susan B. Anthony


5  Carriage fees, riverboat tickets, and fees for “police door tenders” are just a few of the line items in an account ledger acquired by The Huntington last year. The ledger’s owner? None other than American suffragist Susan B. Anthony.




We recently handed The Huntington’s Instagram account over to journalist and essayist Lynell George, who spent a day sharing photos of items in the papers of famed science fiction writer Octavia Butler. Copyright Estate of Octavia E. Butler.

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These lectures are only a tiny fraction of The Huntington's audio available for free on SoundCloud and iTunes U.


Radical Reproduction
by Amy Kind and Shelley Streeby


Panel: Aerospace in Southern California
by Peter Westwick, William Deverell, Daniel Lewis


Symposium: “Word and Image: Chinese Woodblock Prints”


The Cutter Incident
by Neal Nathanson, M.D.


Sex in the City
by Margo Todd


Panel: PBS’s “Mercy Street” and Medical Histories of the Civil War
by Melissa Lo, Olga Tsapina, Lisa Wolfinger, David Zabel, and Shauna Devine


The Atlantic Slave Trade and the American Revolution
by Christopher Brown


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