2017–18 Awarded Fellowships


Long-Term Awards


Scholars are listed with their topics of study.



Martha Howell, Professor, Columbia University

The Culture of Credit in Commercial Cities of Northern Europe, 1200-1600



Markku Peltonen, Professor, University of Helsinki

Republicanism, Democracy, and Political Accountability in Revolutionary England



Mark Valeri, Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Conversion in Eighteenth-Century British America: How Notions of Belief Shaped the American Revolution



Daniel Richter, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

The Lords Proprietors: Land and Power in Seventeenth-Century America



Richard White, Professor, Stanford University

California Time



Janet Browne, Professor, Harvard University

A Very Short Introduction to the History of Biology



Stefano Gattei, Independent Scholar

The Phoenix and the Architect: Speaking Images and the Engraved Frontispiece of Kepler’s Tabulae Rudolphinae


Renée Raphael, Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine

Metals in Motion: Mining Technology between Europe and the Americas, 1400-1800



Mary Mendoza, Assistant Professor, University of Vermont

Unnatural Border: Race and Environment at the U.S.-Mexico Divide



James Sidbury, Professor, Rice University

E Pluribus Tria: Race Formation in the Age of the American Revolution



Catherine Bates, Professor, University of Warwick

The Radical Economy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets



Leah Astbury, Fellow, University of Cambridge

Breeding Women and Lusty Infants in Seventeenth-Century England



Andrew Lipman, Assistant Professor, Barnard College, Columbia University

Squanto’s Odyssey


Catherine Roach, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

The British Institution: A History



Allison Bigelow, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Cultural Touchstones: Mining, Refining, and the Languages of Empire in the Early Americas


Daniel Maze, Independent Scholar

The Bellini Workshop



Alejandra Dubcovsky, Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside

The Many Fronts of Queen Anne’s War, 1702-1713



Rory Cox, Lecturer, University of St. Andrews

War and Justice: From Antiquity to the End of the Middle Ages


Leah Klement, Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech

Violence and Order, Past and Present



Amanda Vickery, Professor, Queen Mary University of London

The Political Day in Georgian England



Shih-shan Susan Huang, Associate Professor, Rice University

First Impressions: Chinese Religious Woodcuts and Cultural Transformation


Mark Quigley, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Not Such a Long Way to Tipperary: Retracing Opposition to the First World War in Irish Popular Culture, 1914-1918


Tamara Venit-Shelton, Associate Professor, Claremont McKenna College

Herbs and Roots: A History of Chinese Medicine in the United States



David O’Shaughnessy, Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin

The History Play and the British Enlightenment, 1750-1815



Michele Navakas, Assistant Professor, Miami University

Coral in Early American Literature, Science, and Culture



Julie Park, Research Associate, Huntington Library

Like Life: Making Things Real in Eighteenth-Century England



Short-Term Awards


Monique Allewaert, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Cut Up: Colonial Insectophilia and Enlightenment from Below

Four months


Susan Anderson, Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University

Music and Power at the English Court, 1575-1624

One month


Kerri Andrews, Lecturer, Edge Hill University

The Letters of Hannah More: A Digital Edition

One month


Sara Barker, Lecturer, University of Leeds

Troubles in the Realm of France: Translating and Writing the French Wars of Religion in England

Two months


Jordan Bear, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Lady Brassey’s Albums and the Problem of Photographic Authorship

One month


Christopher Blakley, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Inhuman Empire: Enslaved People and Nonhuman Animals in the British Atlantic World

One month


AJ Blandford, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Labor and the Visualization of Knowledge in American Geological Surveys, 1780-1860

One month


Hannah Bower, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford

The Problem with Practicality: Rethinking Late Medieval English Medical Recipes, 1375-1500

One month


Michael Britton, Doctoral Candidate, Syracuse University

Administering the Commonweal: Royal Intervention in Elizabethan and Early Stuart London

Two months


Vladimir Brljak, Fellow, University of Cambridge

Tradition and Innovation in English Literary Criticism, 1600-1660

One month


Alexander Bubb, Fellow, King’s College London

Asian Classics for Victorian Bookshelves

One month


Agnes Burt, Doctoral Candidate, Boston University

Women and Property after the Married Women’s Property Acts, 1870-1918

One month


Amanda Capern, Associate Professor, University of Hull

Gender, Debt, and Family Relations: The Temples of Stowe

Two months


Veronica Castillo-Munoz, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Power and Revolution: A Tale of Violence and Deception in Revolutionary Mexico

Three months


Mai-Lin Cheng, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

Autotopography: Place and Commonplace in Romanticism and After

Two months


Ruma Chopra, Professor, San Jose State University

Between God and Darwin: Climate in the British Empire

Two months


Ya Suen Chow, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Riverside

Attempting to Reunite: Chinese Immigration Wives in California during Exclusion, 1882-1942

Two months


Salvatore Cipriano, Jr., Doctoral Candidate, Fordham University

Seminaries of Identity: The Universities of Scotland and Ireland in the Age of British Revolution

One month


Bysshe Coffey, Doctoral Candidate, University of Exeter

Shelley’s “Intermitted Song”

One month


Daina Coffey, Doctoral Candidate, University of Chicago

“In the Midst of Such Opulence, People Will Never Starve”: Los Angeles and the Great Depression

Three months


Brooke Conti, Associate Professor, Cleveland State University

Religious Nostalgia from Shakespeare to Milton

One month


Amy Cooper, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Speaking Pictures”: Words, Images, and the Visual Aesthetics of Early Modern Literature

One month


Heidi Craig, Doctoral Candidate, University of Toronto

Thrift, Thrift! Recycling in Early Modern Literary Culture

Four months


Claire Crignon, Associate Professor, Sorbonne University

Translating and Editing Bacon’s Sylva Sylvarum

One month


Lois Cucullu, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

A Queer Progress: The Naturalization of Christopher Isherwood

Four months


Laurel Daen, Adjunct Faculty, College of William and Mary

The Constitution of Disability in the Early United States

Three months


Michael D’Alessandro, Lecturer, Harvard University

Staged Readings: Melodrama and Class in Popular Literature and Theatre, 1835-1890

One month


Jennifer Davis, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma

Libertines and Savages: Making Sense of Military Defeat in the Seven Years’ War, 1754-1763

One month


Patrick Luiz De Oliveira, Doctoral Candidate, Princeton University

The Ascending Republic: Aeronautical Culture in France, 1860-1908

Two months


Jason de Stefano, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

“Creature of Law”: Francis Lieber, Hermeneutics, and Fictive Personhood

Two months


Freddy Dominguez, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Spanish Elizabethan Books: Exile, Politics, and Print during the Wars of Religion

Two months


Shannon Draucker, Doctoral Candidate, Boston University

Sounding Bodies: Music and Physiology in Victorian Narrative

One month


Derek Dunne, Fellow, Folger Shakespeare Library

Rogues’ Licence: Counterfeiting Authority in Early Modern Literature

Three months


Reid Echols, Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas, Austin

Conservatism and Conservation: Ecology and Rural Nostalgia in Interwar Britain

One month


Jennifer Edwards, Doctoral Candidate, Royal Holloway, University of London

Beside Themselves: Shakespeare’s Ecstatic Subjects

One month


Richard Elliott, Doctoral Candidate, University of Illinois, Chicago

A Nation of Silver and Gold: Comstock Mines, California Finance, and the Business of Making Money in America, 1860-1879

Two months


Susan Finding, Professor, University of Poitiers

Comparative Study of Rare Economic Book Collectors Early 20th Century: H. R. Wagner (1862-1957)

Two months


Samuel Fullerton, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Riverside

Sex and the English Revolution

Three months


Craig Gallagher, Doctoral Candidate, Boston College

Covenants and Commerce: Scottish Networks and the Making of the British Atlantic World

Three months


Nicolas Gonzalez Quintero, Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas, Austin

“Victims of Loyalty”: Spanish American Loyalist Exiles in the Age of Revolutions, 1820-1856

Three months


Santiago Gorostiza, Doctoral Candidate, Centro de Estudos Sociais, Universidade de Coimbra

Silent Memories, Telling Landscapes: An Environmental History of Dam Failures

Two months


Sarah Gould, Lecturer, Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne

The Texture of Turner’s Paintings

One month


Freya Gowrley, Adjunct Faculty, University of Edinburgh

Assembling the Self: Collage, Montage, and Assemblage in Britain and North America, 1700-1900

One month


Fanny Gribenski, Fellow, Université d'Évry Val d'Essonne

Tuning the World: A Global History of Acoustics at the Crossroads of Aesthetics, Politics, Science and Industry (1834-1939)

Three months


Eric Griffin, Professor, Millsaps College

England’s Jacobean Dramatists and the Geopolitics of Empire: Hispanophobic Hispanophiles

One month


Matthew Growhoski, Fellow, Vanderbilt University

Satire and “Secret War”: Literary Violence in the Age of Reformation

Two months


Jaime Harker, Professor, University of Mississippi

Pacific Rimming: Christopher Isherwood, Queer Expatriatism, and Cold War Orientalism

One month


Anne Harley, Associate Professor, Scripps College

Musically Convening America: Secular Song and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century America

One month


Christie Harner, Lecturer, Dartmouth College

The Unbound Image: Mobility and Excess in Victorian Representations of the Arab Body

Two months


Sean Harvey, Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University

Albert Gallatin, the Early Republic, and the Atlantic World

One month


Keri Holt, Associate Professor, Utah State University

Captivity in Spanish Colonial America: Genízaros, Embedded Narratives, and Indigenous Rights in Colonial New Mexico

One month


Bethany Hopkins, Adjunct Faculty, Solano Community College

The Limits of Flowers and the Promises of Fruit: California Women’s Farm Enterprises, 1880-1900

Two months


Timothy Hyde, Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dread of Beauty: Architecture, Judgment, and Ugliness

One month


Ayana Jamieson, Adjunct Faculty, SUNY Empire State College

Writing Myself In: The Life of Octavia E. Butler

Two months


Jonathan Jones, Doctoral Candidate, SUNY Binghamton

“A Mind Prostrate”: Physicians, Opiates, and Insanity in the Civil War’s Aftermath

One month


Tom Jones, Reader, University of St. Andrews

George Berkeley: A Philosophical Life

One month


Joanna Jury, Doctoral Candidate, Georgia State University

Cicero’s de Oratore and Italian Rhetorical Education in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

One month


Andrew Kettler, Doctoral Candidate, University of South Carolina, Columbia

Aromatic Methodology and the Recovery of the Other

One month


Sylvie Kleiman-Lafon, Associate Professor, Université Paris 8 Vincennes à Saint Denis

Translating and Editing Bacon’s Sylva Sylvarum

One month


Emily Knight, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford

Art, Death, and Memory in the “Long” Eighteenth Century in Britain

One month


Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney, Associate Professor, University of Lodz

“Born Outside the Magic Pale of Anglo-Saxon Race”: Helena Modjeska in Nineteenth-Century American Culture (1877-1909)

Two months


Janne Lahti, Adjunct Faculty, University of Helsinki

Global Settler Colonialism: American West and Imperial Germany in the World of Empires

Two months


Jonathan Lande, Doctoral Candidate, Brown University

Disciplining Freedom: Union Army Slave Rebels and Emancipation in the Civil War Courts-Martial

Two months


Sarah Leonard, Doctoral Candidate, University of Delaware

“The beauty of the bough-hung banks”: William Morris in the Thames Landscape

Two months


Hannah Lilley, Doctoral Candidate, University of Kent, Canterbury

Material Texts: Manuscripts and Middling Identities 1560-1640

One month


Ivan Lupić, Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Shakespeare and the End of Editing

One month


Ralf Lützelschwab, Adjunct Faculty, Freie Universität Berlin

“When you fast, do not look somber”: An Anonymous Cycle of Late Medieval Lenten Sermons from the Huntington Library

Three months


Carla Manfredi, Adjunct Faculty, University of Winnipeg

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Pacific Imprint: Travel Literature and Photography

One month


Clare McManus, Professor, University of Roehampton, London

Early Modern Women’s Performance and the Dramatic Canon

Two months


Randall Meissen, Doctoral Candidate, University of Southern California

Religious Controversies and Ibero-American Science (1580-1640): Monks, Missionaries, and the Empirical Study of American Nature

Three months


Adriana Mendez, Professor, University of Missouri

From Paradise to Diaspora: Natural History in the Americas

Two months


Elise Mitchell, Doctoral Candidate, New York University

Smallpox and Slavery: Morbidity, Medical Intervention, and Enslaved People's Lives in the Greater Caribbean

Two months


Fabien Montcher, Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Iberian Cultures of Knowledge: Essays on Early Modern Cultural History of Politics

Two months


Giovanna Montenegro, Assistant Professor, SUNY Binghamton

Heretical Stains: German Bankers and the Conquest of Venezuela

Two months


Benjamin Mountford, Fellow, La Trobe University

A Global History of Australian Gold

One month


Kate Murphy, Associate Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Slaving Science: Natural Knowledge and the British Slave Trade

One month


Casey Nichols, Fellow, Dickinson College

African Americans, Mexican Americans, and the 1965 Watts Rebellion

One month


Sarah Osmond Smith, Doctoral Candidate, University of Southampton

Descriptions of Well Employed and Wasted Time within the Eighteenth-Century Female “Bluestocking” Circle

One month


Catalina Ospina, Doctoral Candidate, University of Chicago

From Mouth to Hand: Mopa Mopa Objects amidst Epistemological Encounters in the Colonial Andes

One month


Vanessa Ovalle Perez, Fellow, University of Southern California

Poetics and Poetisas of the U.S. Spanish-Language Press, 1848-1920

Two months


Cesare Pastorino, Fellow, Technische Universität Berlin

The Humanist and Antiquarian Study of Specific Gravities of Substances

Three months


Anna Louise Penner, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

“Enter Patient”: Experiencing Hospitals and Health Care in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

One month


Charles Petersen, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University

Meritocracy in America, 1945–2000

Two months


Beth Petitjean, Doctoral Candidate, Saint Louis University

The Baths and the Medici: Taking the Waters in Grand Ducal Tuscany, 1537-1743

One month


Henry Power, Associate Professor, University of Exeter

A Critical Edition of Joseph Addison's Non-Periodical Prose

Two months


Angeline Rais, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford

Consultation of Sir Thomas Phillipps’s Swiss Early Printed Books in the Huntington Library and Their Addition to the Material Evidence in Incunabula Database

One month


Alpen Razi, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

The First Proslavery Novel? An Attribution and Analysis of The Peregrinations of Jeremiah Grant, Esq; A West Indian (1763) by Anonymous

One month


Dara Regaignon, Associate Professor, New York University

Writing Maternity: Medicine, Anxiety, and Genre in Britain, 1800-1850

One month


Lindsay Regele, Assistant Professor, Miami University

Manufacturing Advantage: War, the State, and the Origins of American Industry, 1776-1848

One month


Jennifer Richards, Professor, Newcastle University

Thomas Nashe Project

Two months


Thomas Richards, Adjunct Faculty, Temple University

The Texas Moment: Breakaway Republics and Contested Sovereignty in North America, 1836-1846

Two months


Matthew Roberts, Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

Richard Carlile, Populism and the Transatlantic Cult of Paine in the Early Nineteenth Century

One month


Elly Robson, Doctoral Candidate, University of Cambridge

Improving the Commons: Seventeenth-Century Enclosure, Plantation, and Colonization

One month


Christopher Roman, Associate Professor, Kent State University

An Edition of Richard Misyn’s Incendium Amoris

One month


Hanna Roman, Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa

From Natural Theology to Natural History: Discourses of the Earth’s Story in the French Enlightenment

One month


Anna Marie Roos, Reader, University of Lincoln

Martin Folkes (1690-1754) and Antiquarian Science

Two months


Gillian Russell, Professor, University of Melbourne

Extending a Life: The Extra-Illustration of Biographies of Georgian Actors and Actresses

One month


Jack Sargent, Doctoral Candidate, University of Exeter

Time, Aestheticism, and Emotion: An Aesthetic of Enduring Feeling in Illicit Homosexual Literature 1870-1969

Two months


Casey Schmitt, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary

Bound among Nations: Labor Coercion in the Early Seventeenth-Century Caribbean

Two months


Mark Schoenfield, Professor, Vanderbilt University

The Palimpsest of Justice: Legal Trials and Romantic Print Culture, 1770–1835

Two months


Cassander Smith, Associate Professor, University of Alabama

Race, Class, Emancipation, and a Politics of Respectability in Early Atlantic Literature

One month


Helen Smith, Reader, University of York

A Life in Things: Matter, Materiality, and Objects in Early Modern England

One month


Margaret Smith, Doctoral Candidate, Saint Louis University

“Mere Irish”? The Lordship of the Mac Carthaigh Riabhach, 1366-1649

One month


Katherine Smoak, Doctoral Candidate, Johns Hopkins University

Circulating Counterfeits: Making Money and Its Meanings in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic

Two months


Stefanie Sobelle, Associate Professor, Gettysburg College

That Vast Something: Traversing the Modernist Desert

Three months


Jessica Stern, Associate Professor, California State University, Fullerton

Why was Roger Williams Reading an Anatomy Textbook? Anatomical and Medical Sciences in Early New England

Three months


Yelizaveta Strakhov, Assistant Professor, Marquette University

Politics in Translation: Lyric Form and the Francophone Author in Late Medieval England

One month


John Styles, Professor, University of Hertfordshire

Fashion, Textiles, and the Origins of Industrial Revolution

Four months


Andrew Thompson, Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Being Prince of Wales in the Long Eighteenth Century

One month


Todd Thompson, Associate Professor, Biola University

T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom: The Biography of a Book

Five months


Deborah Thorpe, Fellow, University of York

Old Hands: The Work of Ageing and Elderly Medieval Scribes

One month


Elizabeth Tingle, Professor, De Montfort University

Sacred Journeys: Long Distance Pilgrimage in North-Western Europe in the Counter Reformation

One month


Rebecca Tomlin, Fellow, University of Cambridge

Narratives of Exchange in Early Modern London, 1580-1600

One month


David Torres-Rouff, Associate Professor, University of California, Merced

West of Jim Crow

Four months


Cristina Urias-Espinoza, Doctoral Candidate, University of Arizona

Spatial Legacies in the Borderlands: U.S. Colonization of Northwestern Mexico, 1883-1930s

One month


David Adán Vázquez Valenzuela, Doctoral Candidate, El Colegio de México

Uprooted Activism: The Support to the Mexican Liberal Party in the Sugar Beet Fields of Southern California and the Arkansas River Valley in Colorado, 1890-1930

Two months


Wil Verhoeven, Professor, University of Groningen

The Revolution of America: The Ideological Origins of the American Exceptionalism

Two months


Lena Wahlgren-Smith, Fellow, University of Southampton

The Latin Texts of Richard Hakluyt’s Principall Navigations

One month


Amy Watson, Doctoral Candidate, Yale University

Patriot Empire: The Rise and Spread of Party Politics in the British Atlantic, 1716-1748

Two months


John Weber, Associate Professor, Old Dominion University

The Illusion of Border Control: William Hanson and the Texas-Mexico Borderlands

One month


Dana Weiner, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

The Protections of Citizenship: The Shifting Landscape of African American Rights in California, 1820-70

One month


Julianne Werlin, Assistant Professor, Duke University

Paperworks: Literature and Bureaucracy in Early Modern England

Two months


Kate Wersan, Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Between the Calendar and the Clock: An Environmental History of American Timekeeping, 1660-1920

One month


Hazel Wilkinson, Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge

The Wild Court Press

Two months


Pierce Williams, Doctoral Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Impolite Science: Print and Performance in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic

Three months


Jennifer Wilson, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Reading Ambiguous Bodies: Confessional Politics and Epistemological Anxiety in Early Modern England, c.1580-1660

One month


Amy Wood, Professor, Illinois State University

Sympathy for the Devil: The Criminal in the American Imagination, 1870-1940

One month


Andy Wood, Professor, Durham University

Social Relations in England, 1500-1640

One month




Aleta George, Author

Jack London and the San Francisco Bay

One month


Lynell George, Independent Scholar

“Forget Luck, Forget Inspiration.” Octavia Butler on Practice, Persistence, and Habit: Crafting a Writer’s Life

One month




Alexandra Walsham, Professor, University of Cambridge

The Reformation of the Generations: Religion, Ancestry, and Memory in Early Modern England

One month




Justin Gage, Lecturer, University of Arkansas

Intertribal Communication, Literacy, and the Spread of the Ghost Dance

One month (Western History Association-Martin Ridge)


Sören Hammerschmidt, Instructor, Arizona State University

Modular Pope: Poems, Portraits, and Recycled Print

One month (Clark-HEH Joint Bibliographical)


Emily Shortslef, Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Shakespeare and the Drama of Complaint

One month (Renaissance Society of America)


Victor Sierra Matute, Doctoral Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

Garcilaso’s Corpus and the Roots of Spanish Literary Criticism (1518-1628)

One month (Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association)


Sonia Tycko, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University

Coerced Labor in an Age of Contract: England, 1639-1689

One month (North American Conference on British Studies)


Joris van Gastel, Scientific Assistant, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte

The Art of Enchantment: Meanings of Matter in Southern Baroque Art, 1600-1800

One month (Renaissance Society of America)


Molly Warsh, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Servants of the Seasons: Itinerant Labor and Environmental Flux in the Early Americas

Two months (Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture)


Pierce Williams, Doctoral Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Impolite Science: Print and Performance in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic

One month (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)




From Corpus Christi:

Alice Kelly, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Commemorative Modernisms: The First World War and Memorial Culture


To Corpus Christi:

Alex Mueller, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Waking the Wordsmith: Alliterative Verse and Letter Writing in Late Medieval Oxford




From Linacre:

Adam Bridgen, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford

Elizabeth Montagu, Political Economist


To Linacre:

Todd Thompson, Associate Professor, Biola University

T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom: The Biography of a Book




From Lincoln:

Matilde Malaspina, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford

The 15cBOOKTRADE Project


To Lincoln:

Justina Spencer, Adjunct Faculty, Ottawa University

French Artist-Travelers in the Ottoman Empire: Diplomacy and Fashion in Seventeenth-Century Illustrations




From New:

Laura Marcus, Professor, University of Oxford

Rhythmic Subjects: The Measures of the Modern


To New:

Sarah Leonard, Doctoral Candidate, University of Delaware

“The beauty of the bough-hung banks”: William Morris in the Thames Landscape




From Trinity College Dublin:

Amy Prendergast, Teaching Fellow, Trinity College Dublin

Enlightenment Ireland’s Elite Correspondents: Literature, Society, and the Female Self


To Trinity College Dublin:

Margaret Smith, Doctoral Candidate, Saint Louis University-Main Campus

“Mere Irish”? The Lordship of the Mac Carthaigh Riabhach, 1366-1649




From Trinity Hall:

Eduardo Jones Corredera, Doctoral Candidate, University of Cambridge

Memory and Enlightenment: Intellectual and Cultural Relations between Spain and Germany 1760-1812


To Trinity Hall:

Pierce Williams, Doctoral Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Impolite Science: Print and Performance in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic




Kristen Beales, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary

Religion and Commerce in Eighteenth-Century America


Catherine Chou, Fellow, Villanova University

“Brittano-Belgicus”? Models for English and Dutch Parliamentary Collaboration, 1580-1620


Samuel Fullerton, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Riverside

Sex and the English Revolution


Honor Sachs, Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

The Servant, the Soldier, and the Slaveholder: A Story of Political Revolution, Personal Transformation, and Racial Violence in Early America


Abigail Swingen, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University

The Financial Revolution and the British Empire


David Thomson, Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart University

Bonds of War: The Evolution of World Financial Markets in the Civil War Era




Michael Bennett, Doctoral Candidate, University of Sheffield

Transnational Interactions and Transoceanic Connections in the Formation of English Forced Labour Regimes c.1600-1730

Four months


Claire Bowditch, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Loughborough University

The Collections of Robert Hoe and Sir Leoline Jenkins in the Forthcoming Cambridge Edition of the Works of Aphra Behn

Three months


James Metcalf, Doctoral Candidate, King’s College London

Poetic Engagement with History and Memory: Mid-Eighteenth-Century Graveyard Poetry and the Resurrected Past

Three months


Jack Orchard, Doctoral Candidate, Swansea University

Reading Practices in Bluestocking Networks

Three months


Kevin Tracey, Doctoral Candidate, Swansea University

Marking Mathematical Readers: Text, Annotation, and Ownership in the English Mathematical Works of the Huntington Library, 1600-1700

Two months


Lucy Whitehead, Doctoral Candidate, Cardiff University

The Lives of Charles Dickens: A Metabiography

Three months


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