Statement on The Huntington’s Values


The Huntington values diversity in all its manifestations and fundamentally rejects discrimination on the basis of national origin, race, orientation or religion. We welcome nearly 800,000 visitors each year from all walks of life, from the United States and from around the globe, who come to enjoy our gardens and galleries. As an extension of those values, we are a research and educational institution committed to the principles of intellectual pursuit without regard to international borders. We believe that we are strengthened by the contributions made by our international colleagues, in particular the humanities scholars and graduate students who come regularly to explore our collections. We recognize the degree to which our colleagues from abroad enrich this nation – and our own intellectual community -- with their scholarship and commitment to the liberal arts. We are, at our core, an institution that supports and promotes research in the humanities – essentially, the study of what makes us human. This pursuit of knowledge is underscored by our commitment to academic freedom broadly defined. Scholarship is a rigorous, fluid and dynamic process that recognizes no political boundaries and makes no distinctions on the basis of national or other identity. Mr. Huntington declared that this institution exists for the “uplift of humanity.” In carrying out his wishes, we will, without question, continue to welcome the most talented individuals from all over the world to pursue their study at The Huntington.

About The Huntington

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is a collections-based research and educational institution established in 1919 by Henry E. and Arabella Huntington. Henry Huntington, a key figure in the...

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