Awarded Fellowships


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2018–19 Awarded Fellowships


Long-Term Awards


Scholars are listed with their topics of study.



Louis Warren, Professor, University of California, Davis

Rachel Carson: Sex and Nature



Naomi Tadmor, Professor, Lancaster University

Cultures of Settlement: Law, Society, and State Formation in England, c.1660-1780



Martha A. Sandweiss, Professor, Princeton University

Writing History with a Photograph: Alexander Gardner, Ft. Laramie, and the Colliding Stories of American Life



Gregory Nobles, Professor Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology

Noticing Nature: The American People and the Pursuit of Science, 1790-1860



Gary Gallagher, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

Our Civil War: How Scholars and the Public Understand the Great American Crisis



Alexander Statman, Fellow, Global Intellectual History Graduate School, Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

China Enchanted: Transformations of Knowledge in the Enlightenment World



Rachel St John, Associate Professor, University of California, Davis

The Imagined States of America: The Unmanifest History of Nineteenth-century North America



Lori Anne Ferrell, Professor, Claremont Graduate University

The Modern Invention of the Historical Reformation



Katherine Adams, Associate Professor, Tulane University

Reconstructing Value: Cotton Culture and Blackness after Emancipation



Kristen Block, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Holistic Medicine, Spiritual Healing, and Dis-ease in the Early Caribbean


Seth LeJacq, Fellow, Duke University

Knowing Sexual Crime



Katherine Cox, Lecturer, University of Texas, Austin

Climate Change and Original Sin: Meteorology and Acoustics in the Age of Milton


Marjoleine Kars, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Slaves Remastered: An Untold Story of Rebellion, Revolution, and Restoration in the Atlantic World



Manuel Covo, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Entrepôt of Atlantic Revolutions: The Colony of Saint Domingue, Commercial Republicanism, and the Remaking of the French Empire


Jessica Rosenberg, Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Botanical Virtues: Horticulture and Textual Culture in Early Modern England


Danielle Terrazas Williams, Assistant Professor, Oberlin College

The Capital of Free Women: Race, Status, and Economic Networks in Colonial Veracruz



Daniela Bleichmar, Associate Professor, University of Southern California

The Itinerant Lives of Painted Books: Mexican Codices and Transatlantic Knowledge in the Early Modern World


Andrea Denny-Brown, Associate Professor, University of California, Riverside

Criminal Ornament: Aesthetic Misbehavior in the Fifteenth Century



Michael Vorenberg, Associate Professor, Brown University

Lincoln’s Peace: Struggling to Find the End of the American Civil War



Gabriel Motzkin, Professor Emeritus, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Emotional Basis for Scientific Activity



Short-Term Awards


Myles Ali, Doctoral Candidate, York University
“Here in the Queen’s Territory, Every Man and Woman is Free”: Slavery and the Lives of the Enslaved in Colonial Sierra Leone, 1834-1896
One month


Anne Anderson, Associate Professor, Victoria and Albert Museum
Chelsea Mania: The Huntington Chelsea Porcelain
Two month


Benny Andrés, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
La Compania de Terrenos y Aguas de la Baja California, S.A.: An Environmental Enterprise Shaping the Lower Colorado River Region, 1900-1962
One month


Richard Ansell, Fellow, University of Leicester
Reading Travels: The Afterlives of European Voyages, 1600-1750
Three months


Claire Arcenas, Assistant Professor, University of Montana
Lockean Legacies: John Locke in American Thought and Culture
One month


Lucy Arnold, Lecturer, University of Leeds
Reading Hilary Mantel: Haunted Decades
One month


Elaine Ayers, Doctoral Candidate, Princeton University
Strange Beauty: Botanical Collection, Preservation, and Display in the Nineteenth-Century Tropics
Two months


Anthony Bale, Professor, Birkbeck College, University of London
Late Medieval Pilgrims’ Books
One month


Kristen Beales, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
Thy Will Be Done: Merchant Religion in America, 1720-1815
One month


Jessica Beckman, Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University
Moveable Types: Shaping the Text in Early Modern England
Three months


Emily Bell, Doctoral Candidate, University of York
Theorizing the Literary Circle: Charles Dickens, James T. Fields, and Spheres of Influence
One month


Leah Benedict, Lecturer, Washington State University
Impotence: The Anatomy of a Passion, 1660-1800
Three months


David Brown, Adjunct Faculty, Trinity College Dublin
Speculators in Conflict: The Adventurers for Irish Land 1642-1660
One month


Scottie Buehler, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
Being and Becoming a Midwife in Eighteenth-Century France: Pedagogical Practices and Objects
Two months


Claire Cage, Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama
The Science of Proof: Forensic Medicine in Nineteenth-Century France
One month


Richard Carwardine, Professor, University of Oxford
American Religious Nationalism
Two months


Joseph Clark, Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
Veracruz and the Caribbean in the Seventeenth Century
One month


Sasha Coles, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara
Silk Country: Women, Work, and Enterprise in the Great Basin, 1850-1910s
One month


Jason Crawford, Associate Professor, Union University
Shakespearean Tragedy: A Genealogical Poetics
One month


Kathryn Crim, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Prayers, Interrupted
One month


Jessica Dandona, Associate Professor, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
The Transparent Woman: Medical Visualities in Fin-de-Siècle Europe and the United States, 1890-1900
One month


Gregory Dart, Professor, University College London
Works of Charles Lamb
Three months


Matthew Day, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
Reception of Virgil in England and Scotland 1400-1550
One month


Adhaar Noor Desai, Assistant Professor, Bard College
Blotted Lines: Imperfection and Early Modern English Literature
Three months


Bridget Donnelly, Doctoral Candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Accidents Waiting to Happen: Plotting the Unexpected in the Eighteenth-Century Novel
One month


John Donoghue, Associate Professor, Loyola University of Chicago
“Creative Destruction”: Piracy, Marronage, and Plantation Capitalism in the British Caribbean, 1650-1700
One month


Susan Doran, Professor, University of Oxford
Regime Changes: From Elizabeth I to James I 1603-12
One month


Marshall Eakin, Professor, Vanderbilt University
Richard Burton, Empire, and Nation in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
One month


Elizabeth Ellis, Assistant Professor, New York University
Power on the Margins: The Petites Nations and the Transformations of the Lower Mississippi Valley 1650-1800
One month


Molly Farrell, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
New World Calculation: The Making of Numbers in Colonial America
Two months


Kathryn Franklin, Doctoral Candidate, York University
“Something of the Glamour”: Tracing the Geographies of Glamour in the Work of Christopher Isherwood
One month


James Freeman, Curator, Cambridge University Library
The Past and its Presentation in the “Polychronicon” of Ranulph Higden
One month


Gabriella Friedman, Doctoral Candidate, Cornell University
Anatomy and Archive: Octavia E. Butler as Historical Thinker
One month


Elizabeth Gansen, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
Illustrating the New World: Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo’s Sketches of Flora and Fauna
One month


John Garcia, Assistant Professor, California State University, Northridge
The Early American Bookseller: A Network History
One month


Penelope Geng, Assistant Professor, Macalester College
Communal Justice in Shakespeare’s England
Two months


Kate Gibson, Doctoral Candidate, University of Sheffield
Grief and the Family in Britain, 1750-1830
One month


Sarah Gleeson-White, Associate Professor, University of Sydney
First Encounters: American Literary and Screen Cultures, 1895-1927
One month


Carolin Görgen, Doctoral Candidate, Paris Diderot University
The California Camera Club, 1890-1915: Re-Appreciation of a Neglected Corpus in the History of Photography
One month


Charles Green, Doctoral Candidate, University of Birmingham
Authorship and Agency in John Donne’s Commemorative Writing
Three months


Jennifer Greenhill, Associate Professor, University of Southern California
The Commercial Imagination: American Illustration and the Advent of the Pictorial Advertising Age
One month


Eric Griffin, Professor, Millsaps College
England’s Jacobean Dramatists and the Geopolitics of Empire: Hispanophobic Hispanophiles
One month


Alison Griffiths, Professor, Baruch College, CUNY
Nomadic Cinema: A Cultural Geography of the Expedition Film
Three months


Ashley Hannebrink, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University
Living with the Past: Antiquity and Sculptural Production in Mid- to Late Eighteenth-Century France
One month


Hunter Harris, Doctoral Candidate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
When Trust Fails: Merchants, Law, and Empire in the Eighteenth Century
One month


Earle Havens, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Reconstructing Narcissus Luttrell’s Library of Annotated Books and Ephemera, 1678-1730
One month


Philippa Hellawell, Fellow, National Maritime Museum, Royal Museums Greenwich
Engineering the Mole: Tangier, 1663-1684
Two months


Kathleen Hilliard, Associate Professor, Iowa State University
Bonds Burst Asunder: The Revolutionary Politics of Getting By in Civil War and Emancipation, 1860-1867
Two months


Catherine Hinchliff, Doctoral Candidate, Johns Hopkins University
Women, Gender, and Speech in the English Revolution
One month


Nathaniel Holly, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
From Chota to Charles Town: The Urban Lives of Cherokees
One month


Lynn Hudson, Associate Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago
Loren Miller and the Case against Jim Crow
Two months


Luca Iori, Fellow, University of Parma
Thomas Hobbes’s Translation of Thucydides: Toward a Critical Edition
Two months


Rachael Isom, Doctoral Candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Enthusiastic Poetics and the Woman Writer, 1806-1856
One month


Benjamin Jackson, Doctoral Candidate, Queen Mary University of London
Furnishing Masculinity: Men’s Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century England
One month


Kevin James, Professor, University of Guelph
Science, Leisure, and the “Fairyland of Lights”: Technology and Tourism in the San Gabriel Mountains at the Turn of the Century
One month


J.T. Jamieson, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Advertising Uncertainty: Geographical Writing, Western Emigration, and Disbelief in Nineteenth-Century America
One month


Peter Jaros, Associate Professor, Franklin and Marshall College
Incorporate Things: A Literary Genealogy of Corporate Personhood in Antebellum America
One month


Emma Bennett Jones, Doctoral Candidate, Northwestern University
“The Indians Say”: Settler Colonialism and the Scientific Study of Animals in America, 1722 to 1860
One month


Michaela Kleber, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
Gendered Societies, Sexual Empires: Early French Colonization among the Illinois
One month


Joseph Larnerd, Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University
The Makings of Cut Glass in America, 1876 to 1916
One month


Mary Learner, Doctoral Candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Material Sampling and Patterns of Thought in Early Modern England
Two months


Diana Leca, Fellow, University of Oxford
Wallace Stevens’ Aphoristic Style
Two months


Julia Lee, Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine
The Racial Railroad
Two months


Nigel Lepianka, Doctoral Candidate, Texas A&M University
“Yet of Books There Are a Plenty”: Bibliography and Humanities Data
One month


Timothy Lundy, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
Political Learning and Sidneian Drama in Early Modern English Literary Culture
One month


Graeme Mack, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, San Diego
Sea Changes upon the Land: Pacific Merchants and the Transformation of California, 1787-1853
Four months


Justin Mann, Doctoral Candidate, George Washington University
Dangerous Worlds: Imagining Race and Security after the New World Order
One month


Caroline Marris, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
“The Silver Sea” and the Nation-State: The Multifaceted Geopolitics of the Early Modern English Channel
One month


Kristen McCants, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara
Beastly Humans: Margaret Cavendish’s “Blazing World,” Natural Philosophy, and Romantic Governance
One month


Eric McDonald, Doctoral Candidate, University of Houston
Violent Identities: Elite Masculinity and Anglo-American Slavery in Seventeenth-Century Barbados
Two months


Patrick McGhee, Doctoral Candidate, University of Cambridge
“Heathenism” in the Protestant Atlantic World
Three months


Timo McGregor, Doctoral Candidate, New York University
Vernacular Visions of Empire: Cross-Imperial Collaboration and Political Thought in the Dutch Atlantic, 1645-1688
One month


Karen Melvin, Professor, Bates College
Local Alms, Global Catholicism: Jerusalem and North Africa in New Spain
One month


Lynn S. Meskill, Associate Professor, Paris Diderot University
Fortune in Shakespeare
Two months


Amy Milka, Fellow, University of Adelaide
Women Seeking Justice: Gender, Emotion, and Courtroom Narratives in England, 1700-1850
Three months


Fiona Milne, Doctoral Candidate, University of York
Character, Self-Defense, and Moral Improvement in the Writings of Richard Carlile and Eliza Sharples
One month


Philip Mogen, Doctoral Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Unstable Histories, Uncertain Presents: Rethinking the Past and Recognizing the Present during the British Civil Wars, 1638-1660
One month


Duncan Money, Fellow, University of the Free State
American Mining Engineers and the Development of the Global Mining Industry, c. 1860-1939
One month


James Morland, Doctoral Candidate, King’s College London
Eighteenth-Century Physicians as Poets and Philosophers
Two months


Lucy Morse, Doctoral Candidate, University of Exeter
The Radical Dispossessed: Imaginative Rebellions against the Theft of Common Environments 1864-1893
Two months


John Murphy, Curator, Art Institute of Chicago
American Arts and Crafts: An Ecocritical Approach
Two months


Katie Muth, Fellow, Durham University
Day Jobs: Postwar Fiction and Work
One month


Leslie Myrick, Independent scholar
A Prosopography of the Plains: California-Oregon Trail Emigration Patterns and Social Networks in 1849
Two months


Kate Nesbit, Doctoral Candidate, University of Iowa
Lending Ears: Listening to Reading Aloud in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
One month


Michael Nicholson, Assistant Professor, McGill University
After Time: Romanticism and Anachronism
Four months


Jason Peacey, Professor, University College London
Experiences of Litigation, Perceptions of the Law and Ideology in a Seventeenth-Century Microhistory
One month


Jackson Perry, Doctoral Candidate, Georgetown University
The Gospel of the Gum: Eucalyptus and the Modern Mediterranean World, 1848-1896
Two months


Jenny Hale Pulsipher, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University
Shadow Sacagawea: A Family Story of Race and Religion in the American West
Four months


Nic John Ramos, Assistant Professor, Brown University
Representing Health: Medical Governance and Education in the Age of Multiculturalism
Two months


Robin Reich, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
Copper-alloys and Cures: A History of Scientific Translation in Norman Sicily
Two months


Julia Reid, Lecturer, University of Leeds
Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Silverado Squatters: A New Critical Edition
One month


Sean Richardson, Doctoral Candidate, Nottingham Trent University
Queer Cartographies: Mapping Modernist Sexuality 1905-1945
One month


Jonathan Schroeder, Assistant Professor, University of Warwick
John Jacobs: A Life
One month


Jaclyn Schultz, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Santa Cruz
Learning the Values of a Dollar: Childhood and Cultures of Economy in the US, 1825-1900
Two months


Benjamin Serby, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
The Liberation of America: Adventures of a Concept, 1945-1980
One month


Andrew Shaler, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Riverside
Mariposa: Violence, Settler Colonialism, and Indigenous Histories of the California Gold Rush
One month


JB Shank, Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Evangelista Torricelli: A Baroque Life
Two months


Manuel Shvartzberg Carrio, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
Designing “Post-Industrial Society”: Settler Colonialism and Modern Architecture in Palm Springs, California, 1876-1973
Two months


Eleanor Skimin, Doctoral Candidate, Brown University
Bourgeois Whiteness and the Sedentary Act: Seatedness in Modern Theatre and Performance
One month


Andrew Spicer, Professor, Oxford Brookes University
Post-Reformation Rites of Consecration
One month


Lieke Stelling, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University
Faith in Jestbooks: Joking about Religion in Early Modern English Jest Collections
Three months


Emery Stephens, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
The New Negro Movement and Its Influence on the Art Song Compositions for Voice and Piano by Harold Bruce Forsythe (1908-1976)
One month


Fleur Stolker, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
Bankruptcy in Early Modern England
Two months


Joel Swann, Researcher in Residence, Chetham’s Library
Early Annotators of The Temple (1633)
One month


Elizabeth Tavares, Assistant Professor, Pacific University
With Amozins, Heads, and Drom: The Dramaturgy of “Tamar Cam”
One month


Samantha Thompson, Doctoral Candidate, Arizona State University
Electronic Eyes: The Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Effort to Develop and Promote Two-dimensional Electronic Detectors for Astronomy
Three months


William Thompson, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara
Iconoclasm, Iconophilia, and the Negotiation of Religious Change in Tudor East Anglia, 1530–1553
One month


Anna Toledano, Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University
Collecting Independence: The Science and Politics of Natural History Museums in New Spain, 1770-1820
Two months


Ian Tonat, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
The People of the Bay: Native Society and Identity in the Green Bay Region in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
One month


Catherine Tourangeau, Doctoral Candidate, Yale University
An Empire of Joiners: Voluntary Associations in the British Atlantic, 1730-1800
One month


Viet Trinh, Doctoral Candidate, Yale University
Burning All Illusions: Race and Rebellion in the City of Angels, 1965-1992
One month


Steven Usselman, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
From Wells to Warships: Pumps and the Rise of High-Tech California, 1890-1950
Five months


Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen, Associate Professor, University of Leiden
Consolation and the Culture of Protestantism in Early Modern Britain, 1550–1700
One month


Naoko Wake, Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Bombing Americans: Gender and Trans-Pacific Remembering after World War II
Three months


Katherine Walker, Doctoral Candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Reading the Natural and Preternatural Worlds in Early Modern Drama
Two months


Emily Weissbourd, Assistant Professor, Lehigh University
Bad Blood: Race and the Place of Spain in Early Modern English Literature
One month


Charnan Williams, Doctoral Candidate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Claiming Property: Enslaving Black Women and Female Children in Antebellum California
Three months


Mark Williams, Lecturer, Cardiff University
“Anxious Cosmopolitans”: Mobility and Corporate Culture in the Early British Empire, 1660-1720
One month


Michael Wise, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
Seeing Like a Stomach: Food, the Body, and Explorers of the American West in the Nineteenth Century
One month


Natale Zappia, Associate Professor, Whittier College
Food Frontiers: Native Space and Power in Early North America
One month


Anna Ziajka Stanton, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Labors of Love: Translating Arabic Literature after Orientalism
One month




Beatrix Gates, Adjunct Faculty, Goddard College
Good Seeing: A Poem of the Full Sky
One month


Travis Hancock, Independent scholar
A critical biography of Nathaniel Bright Emerson
One month




Diarmaid MacCulloch, Professor, University of Oxford
Sex, Gender, and Religion in the Early Modern World
One month




Florida Atlantic University
Deborah Charnoff, Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Men Set on Fire: Algernon Sidney & John Adams—Remodeling Anglo-American Republicanism
One month


Hannah Jorgenson, Doctoral Candidate, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Models of Consent: Exploring Early Modern Fiction by Women, from Cavendish to Austen
One month


Jordan Wingate, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
The Periodical Origins of the American Self
One month


North American Conference on British Studies
Catherine Hinchliff, Doctoral Candidate, Johns Hopkins University
Women, Gender, and Speech in the English Revolution
One month


Renaissance Society of America
David Davis, Assistant Professor, Houston Baptist University
Divine Revelation in English Devotion, 1400-1700
One month


Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
Lauren Connolly, Assistant Professor, Lewis-Clark State College
Octavia Butler and Explorations of the Writing Process
One month


Shakespeare Association of America
Deann Armstrong, Doctoral Candidate, Vanderbilt University
“The Sundred Clock”: Temporal and Bodily Disorder in English Renaissance Literature
One month


Western History Association-Martin Ridge
Mette Flynt, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oklahoma
Reborn on Skis: Winter Recreation and the Transformation of the Wasatch Front, 1915-2002
One month


Clark-Huntington Joint Bibliographical
Richard Ansell, Fellow, University of Leicester
Reading Travels: The Afterlives of European Voyages, 1600-1750
One month




From Corpus Christi:
Alex Middleton, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Latin America in British Political Thought, 1800-1850


To Corpus Christi:
Jason Crawford, Associate Professor, Union University
Shakespearean Tragedy: A Genealogical Poetics




From Linacre:
Alice Blackwood, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
Female Officeholding in the English Parish, 1540-1660


To Linacre:
Lori Anne Ferrell, Professor, Claremont Graduate University
The Modern Invention of the Historical Reformation




From Lincoln:
Sarah Cusk, Antiquarian Cataloguer, University of Oxford
The Bridgewater Library: Towards the Reconstruction of a Seventeenth-century Collection


To Lincoln:
Jonathan Reinhardt, Doctoral Candidate, Cornell University
Political Secrecy and Theatricality in Marlowe and Shakespeare




From New:
Michael Burden, Professor, University of Oxford
Gazing at the Dancer: Dance and Image at the London Opera House, 1780-1830


To New:
Adrian Finucane, Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Difference, Disunity, and Defense on the Frontier




From Trinity College Dublin:
Catherine Healy, Doctoral Candidate, Trinity College Dublin
Irish Immigrant Women and the Politics of Domesticity


To Trinity College Dublin:
Sarah Sprouse, Doctoral Candidate, Texas Tech University
Fantasies of Wales: Some Paleographic Evidence for the Mediating Role of Gerald of Wales




From Trinity Hall:
Oliver Goldstein, Doctoral Candidate, University of Cambridge
Radical Conservative Pre-Raphaelitism


To Trinity Hall:
Lindsay Wells, Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Plant-Based Art: Indoor Gardening and the British Aesthetic Movement, 1860-1900




Lila Chambers, Doctoral Candidate, New York University
Liquid Capital: Alcohol and the Building of Britain’s Atlantic Empire, 1640-1751


Bridget Donnelly, Doctoral Candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Accidents Waiting to Happen: Plotting the Unexpected in the Eighteenth-Century Novel


Scott Heerman, Assistant Professor, University of Miami
Carried Back: Black Kidnapping and State Formation in the Age of Atlantic Emancipation


Peter Olsen-Harbich, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
A Meaningful Subjection: Coercive Inequality and Indigenous Political Economy in the Colonial Northeast


Kirsty Sinclair-Dootson, Doctoral Candidate, Yale University
Industrial Color: Chromatic Technologies in Britain, 1856-1971


Jessica Winston, Professor, Idaho State University
Tudor Drama in Modern Performance, 1890-Present




Edward Armston-Sheret, Doctoral Candidate, Royal Holloway, University of London
Bodies of Knowledge: A Study of the Body and Embodiment in Richard Burton’s Library and Manuscripts
Three months


Dominic Birch, Doctoral Candidate, King’s College London
Legal Pluralism, Colonialism, and the Atlantic Context: A Comparison of English and American Legalism
Three months


Christopher Booth, Doctoral Candidate, University of Nottingham
Distilling the Apothecary: The Archaeology of Early Modern Medical Practitioners in Britain and the Atlantic World
Three months


Eoin Carter, Doctoral Candidate, University of Cambridge
Richard Carlile and the Politics of Science in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
Four months


Francesca Cioni, Doctoral Candidate, University of York
The Material Culture of Early Modern Devotional Poetry
Three months


Miriam Goodall, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
Sugar and the Country House
Three months


Chloë Ingersent, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
Female Violence in Sixteenth-Century England
Three months


Tom Lubek, Doctoral Candidate, University of York
Investigating World-Literary Resources, Petro-Fantasies, and World-Ecological Transitions in the Fiction of Octavia E. Butler
Four months


Georgina Wilson, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
Literary and Material Forms of Spatial Knowledge
Three months

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