2016–17 Awarded Fellowships


Long-Term Awards


Scholars are listed with their topics of study.



Jon Mee, Professor, University of York

Networks of Improvement?: Book Clubs, Reading Groups, and Philosophical Societies in Britain 1760-1840



Margo Todd, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Urban Community in Early Modern Scotland: Perth from Reformation through Cromwellian Occupation



Woody Holton, Professor, University of South Carolina

Liberty is Sweet: An Integrated History of the American Revolution



John Demos, Professor Emeritus, Yale University

"I am Rich Potosi": A Crucible of the Early Modern World



Steven Hahn, Professor, New York University

Colonies, Nations, Empires: A History of the United States and the People Who Made It



Tawrin Baker, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Chiasmata: Vision in the Intertwined Histories of Anatomy, Natural Philosophy, and Optics in the Early Modern Period



Keith Woodhouse, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Alternatives to Action: Environmental Impact Statements and American Environmentalism



Nicholas Ridout, Professor, Queen Mary University of London

Scenes from Bourgeois Life



Tiffany Werth, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University

The English Lithic Imagination from More to Milton



Heidi Hausse, Mellon Research Fellow, Columbia Society of Fellows

Cutting, Coping, Curing: Surgical Dismemberment in the Holy Roman Empire, 1500-1700



J.K. Barret, Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin

Pandora's Clock: Contingent Ethics in Renaissance English Literature


Laura Forsberg, Adjunct Professor, Concordia University Texas

The Miniature and Victorian Literature


Matthew Hunter, Assistant Professor, McGill University

Fluid Cunning: The Temporally Evolving Chemical Object in the British Enlightenment



M. Scott Heerman, Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Many Slaveries: An Entangled History of Human Bondage and Emancipation in the Illinois Country, 1730-1865


Maria Barbara Zepeda Cortes, Assistant Professor, Lehigh University

The Politics of Reform: Jose de Galvez and the Transformation of the Spanish Empire



Fuson Wang, Assisant Professor, City College of New York, CUNY

Romantic Disease Discourse: A Radical Literary History of Smallpox Inoculation



Bettina Koch, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech

Violence and Disordered Order in Theory and Historical Practice


Leah Klement, Lecturer, Princeton University Writing Program

Violence and Order, Past and Present



Stefano Gattei, Research Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Phoenix and the Architecht: Speaking Images and the Engraved Frontispiece of Kepler’s Tabulae Rudolphinae



Bethel Saler, Associate Professor, Haverford College

A Republic for a New World: North Africa and the American Imagination, 1783-1825



Greg Walker, Professor, University of Edinburgh

A Biography of John Heywood, Tudor Playwright



Short-Term Awards


Ruth Abbott, Lecturer, University of Cambridge

George Eliot and the History of Scholarship

One month


Phoenix Alexander, PhD candidate, Yale University

Visionary Fictions: Towards a Feminist Genealogy of Black Speculative Writing

One month


Erik Altenbernd, PhD candidate, University of California, Irvine

Great American Desert: Arid Landscapes, Federal Exploration, and the Construction of a Continental United States

Two months


Leah Astbury, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

Marriage, Health, and Compatibility in Early Modern England

Two months


Rachel Banke, PhD candidate, University of Notre Dame

Bute’s Empire: Reform, Reaction, and the Roots of Imperial Crisis

One month


Alice Baumgartner, PhD candidate, Yale University

Fugitives: The Underground Railroad to Mexico

Two months


Jessica Beckman, PhD candidate, Stanford University

The Mind’s Eye: Vision, Text, and Thought in Early Modern English Print

One month


Chelsea Berry, PhD candidate, Georgetown University

Poisoned Relations: Medicine, Sorcery, and Poison Trials in the Greater Caribbean, 1690-1850

One month


Allison Bigelow, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Cultural Touchstones: Mining, Refining, and the Languages of Empire in the Early Americas

Two months


Estelle Blaschke, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Lausanne

Encapsulating World Culture: The History and Imaginary of Microfilm (1920s-1950s)

Two months


Rachel Blumenthal, Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Kokomo

Misdiagnosis: Psychology and the Female Patient in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Two months


Claire Bourne, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University

“Set Forth as It Hath Been Played”: Printing the Performance in Early Modern England

One month


Lloyd Bowen, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

Anatomy of a Duel: Gentry Honour, Family Politics, and the Law in Jacobean England

One month


Marco Bresadola, Associate Professor, University of Ferrara

Science in Transition: The Cultures of Galvanism, ca. 1795-1850

Two months


Ashley Buchanan, PhD candidate, University of South Florida

Stones from Goa, Roots from Timor, and Beans from the Philippines: The Art and Science of Collecting at the Late Medici Court (1642-1743)

One month


Keith Budner, PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley

When the Empire was a Colony: Roman Hispania and the Cultural Imagination of Early Modern Spain

One month


Aaron Cayer, PhD candidate, University of California, Los Angeles

Unlimited by Design: Daniel, Mann, Johnson, Mendenhall, and an Image of Practice (1967-1984)

One month


Rebecca Chenoweth, PhD candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara

Memory on the Edge of World War

One month


Teresa Cribelli, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

National Natures: Landscape, Natural Resources, and Narratives of Progress in Brazil and the United States

Two months


Gregory Dart, Professor, University College London

Edition of the Complete Works of Charles and Mary Lamb

Three months


Adhaar Desai, Assistant Professor, Bard College

Unruly Lines: Illustrating Ideas in Early Modern English Poetry and Science

One month


Parissa Djangi, PhD candidate, Stony Brook University

Colonial Wives: Gender Work and Transcolonial Connections in the British Empire, 1780-1830

One month


Meghan Doherty, Assistant Professor, Berea College

Carving Knowledge: Printed Images, Accuracy, and the Early Royal Society of London

Two months


Alejandra Dubcovsky, Assistant Professor, Yale University

Queen Anne’s War, 1702-1713

One month


Martin Dzelzainis, Professor, University of Leicester

Editing Early Modern Texts

Four months


Mary Dzon, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

A Study of Mary’s Vitae within the Devotional and Scholastic Cultures of the Later Middle Ages

One month


Hillary Eklund, Associate Professor, Loyola University New Orleans

World Enough and Time: Ecology and the Logic of Empire in Renaissance Literature

One month


Peter Ekman, PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley

Suburbs of Last Resort: Vitality and Ruin on the Edges of San Francisco Bay

Two months


Jeannette Estruth, PhD candidate, New York University

A Political History of the Silicon Valley: Structural Change, Urban Transformation, and Local Social Movements, 1945 to 1984

One month


Misha Ewen, PhD candidate, University College London

The Intimate Networks and Political Culture of Virginia Company Investors and Colonists, 1606-1642

Two months


Julie Farguson, Stipendiary Lecturer, University of Oxford

Imperial Journeys: Royal Progresses and Later Stuart Political Culture, 1660-1714

One month


Lara Farina, Associate Professor, West Virginia University

On the Sense Lives of Plants: Medieval Botany and Floral Feeling

One month


Krystle Farman, PhD candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Conceptions of Faith: Afro-Mexican Catholicism in Seventeenth-Century Mexico

One month


Samuel Fisher, PhD candidate, University of Notre Dame

Fit Instruments: Gaels, Indians, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1745-1783

One month


Andrew Fleck, Associate Professor, University of Texas, El Paso

Comets, Supernovas, and Judicial Astrology in Early Modern Europe

One month


Jack Furniss, PhD candidate, University of Virginia

States of the Union: The Center of Civil War Politics

One month


Anabel Galindo, PhD candidate, University of Arizona

Mapping Yaqui History: Labor, Migration, and Identity 1780-1940

One month


James Matthew Gallman, Professor, University of Florida

Loyal Dissenters, Angry Copperheads, and Violent Resisters: The Northern Democratic Party and the American Civil War

One month


Anna Gialdini, PhD candidate, University of the Arts London

Collecting and Using Books in Early Modern Science: An Analysis of Materiality through Visual Sources

Two months


Kate Gibson, PhD candidate, University of Sheffield

Perceptions and Experiences of Illegitimacy in the Long Eighteenth Century

One month


Nora Gilbert, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Gone Girls: The Runaway Woman Narrative in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Fiction

One month


Cosima Gillhammer, PhD candidate, University of Oxford

Huntington MS HM 144—Exploring a “Bad Text”

One month


Melissa Gismondi, PhD candidate, University of Virginia

“The Character of a Wife”: Rachel Donelson Jackson and American Expansion, 1760s-1820s

One month


Giacomo Giudici, PhD candidate, Birkbeck, University of London

Renaissance Historiography of Milan at the Huntington Library: The Texts, their Materiality, the Networks of their Owners

One month


Reed Gochberg, PhD candidate, Boston University

Novel Objects: Museums and Scientific Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Two months


Sarah Griffin, PhD candidate, University of Oxford

Drawing Dimension: Quantifying Time and Theology in the Medieval Diagrams of HM 83

One month


Steven Gunn, Professor, University of Oxford

Everyday Life and Accidental Death in Sixteenth-Century England

One month


Aaron Hanlon, Assistant Professor, Colby College

Abraham Cowley and the Poetics of Objectivity

Two months


Karen Harvey, Reader in History, University of Sheffield

“Painful Sensations” and the “Welfare of the Body”: Illness, Childbirth, and Emotion in an Eighteenth-Century Middling-Sort Family

One month


Lauren Haumesser, PhD candidate, University of Virginia

The Party of Patriarchy: Democratic Gender Politics and the Coming of the Civil War

Two months


Ian Haywood, Professor, University of Roehampton

The Rise of Victorian Caricature

One month


Sonia Hazard, PhD candidate, Duke University

The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America

Two months


Adam Herring, Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University

Early European Images of Inca Peru in Huntington Collections

One month


Hidetaka Hirota, Lecturer, Columbia University

Democratic Intolerance: The History of American Nativism

One month


Andrew Isenberg, Professor, Temple University

The Experimental Empire: Alternatives to Manifest Destiny

Three months


Frances Jacobus-Parker, PhD candidate, Princeton University

Redescription: Vija Celmins and the Replica in Postwar American Art

Four months


Phebe Jensen, Professor, Utah State University

The Early Modern English Calendar

One month


Hadley Jerman, PhD candidate, University of Oklahoma

“Art” Posters, Graphic Modernism, and the Commercial Image of the American West, 1890-1930

One month


Abram Kaplan, PhD candidate, Columbia University

The Janus Faces of Tradition: Newton, Leibniz, and the Philological Roots of Calculus

Two months


Andrew Keener, PhD candidate, Northwestern University

Staging Translation: Cosmopolitan Vernaculars in Shakespeare’s England

Three months


Shannon Kelley, Assistant Professor, Fairfield University

Wounded Trees and the Poetics of Trauma in the English Renaissance

One month


Luke Keogh, Research Affiliate, Ludwig Maximilian University

The Wardian Case: An Environmental History

One month


Hyun-Ah Kim, Adjunct Professor, Trinity College, University of Toronto

The Praise of Musicke, 1586: An Edition with Commentary

Two months


Racha Kirakosian, Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Theology of the Book—Manuscript Studies and Material Culture

Two months


Alison Knight, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CRASSH, University of Cambridge

Prize Books and Historical Fictions: The Historical Novels of the Religious Tract Society and American Tract Society

One month


Karin Koehler, Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Assistant, University of St. Andrews

Epistolary Aesthetics and Victorian Poetry

Two months


Maryanne Kowaleski, Professor, Fordham University

The Origin of Scolding Indictments in Medieval England and Wales

Two months


Jamie Latham, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

The Clergy and Print in Eighteenth-Century England, c. 1714-1750

One month


Craig Lee, PhD candidate, University of Delaware

Skyline Spectacular: Architecture, Aesthetics, and Outdoor Advertising in the American City

Three months


Julia Lewandoski, PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley

“The kind of title which the Indians enjoy”: Imperial Treaties and Private Land Records in Native North America

Four months


David Loewenstein, Professor, Pennsylvania State University

The new Oxford University Press edition of Paradise Lost

One month


Rose Logie, PhD candidate, University of Toronto

Circulating Objects: Agency and Subjectivity in Eighteenth-Century French Art

Two months


Ellen Macfarlane, PhD candidate, Princeton University

Group f.64 Photography in Depression America: Politics, the Natural World, and the Future of the Medium

Three months


Michael Madrinkian, PhD candidate, University of Oxford

Science and Catechesis: Reforming Late-Medieval Practical Instruction

Three months


Alicia Maggard, PhD candidate, Brown University

Technology, Society, and the State in the Steamboat Era

One month


Carl Martin, Associate Professor, Norwich University

Domesticating Henry V: Hoccleve’s “To Henry V and the Company of the Garter”

One month


Lucia Martinez, Assistant Professor, Reed College

Mere Meter: Early Modern Metrical Psalms and the Sound of English Poetry

One month


Joanna McCunn, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

The Interpretation of Deeds at Common Law, c. 1550-1630

One month


Stuart McManus, PhD candidate, Harvard University

Globalizing Cicero: Classical Eloquence in the Early Modern World

Two months


Melina Moe, Instructor, Yale University

Public Intimacies: Literary and Sexual Reproduction in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Two months


Jorge Mojarro Romero, Professor, Instituto Cervantes

Misgovernment, Trade, and Foreign Threats in Early Colonial Philippines (1610-1644): A Comparative Study of Colonial Policy Treatises

Two months


Jennifer Mori, Professor, University of Toronto

Popular Enlightenment in Britain, 1680-1830

One month


Sophie Morris, PhD candidate, University College London

Drawn and Quartered: The Anatomical Print and Studies “From Life” in Seventeenth-Century London

One month


Gabrielle Moser, Lecturer, OCAD University

Projecting Imperial Citizens: The Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee’s Lanternslide Lectures, 1900-1945

Two months


Lucy Munro, Reader in Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature, King’s College London

Shakespeare in the Theatre: The King’s Men

One month


John Murphy, PhD candidate, Northwestern University

The Utopian Leap from William Blake to William Morris

Two months


Aditi Nafde, Lecturer, Newcastle University

From Print to Manuscript: The Post-Print Manuscript c. 1470-1550

One month


Hayley Negrin, PhD candidate, New York University

Possessing Indian Women and Children: Slavery, Gender, and English Colonialism in the Early American South 1607-1730

Two months


Mae Ngai, Professor, Columbia University

Yellow and Gold: Chinese Gold Miners, the “Chinese Question,” and Global Politics, 1850-1920

Three months


Shaun Ossei-Owusu, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Southern California

The People’s Champ?: Legal Aid from Slavery to Mass Incarceration

Two months


Sandrine Parageau, Assistant Professor, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre

Quod Nihil Scitur: Mapping Ignorance in Early Modern England and France

Two months


Eric Parisot, Lecturer, Flinders University

Refashioning Suicide: Emotions and Self-Destruction in Eighteenth-Century Britain

One month


Deven Parker, PhD candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder

Romantic Media Culture: Aesthetic Technologies of Print and Performance

One month


Joy Partridge, PhD candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY

From Treatise to Encyclopedia: The Re-figuration of Scientific Diagrams in the Late Middle Ages

One month


Jason Pearl, Associate Professor, Florida International University

Aerial Propsects: Seeing from Above in Eighteenth-Century Britain

One month


Sara Pennell, Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich

Knowing your Stuff: Rethinking Domestic Chattels in Eighteenth-Century England

Two months


Giulio Pertile, Visiting Assistant Professor, Claremont McKenna College

Feeling Faint: Liminal Consciousness in the Renaissance

Three months


Holly Pickett, Associate Professor, Washington and Lee University

Sensational Idolatry: Reforming the Senses in Early Modern English Drama

Two months


Adolfo Polo y La Borda, PhD candidate, University of Maryland

Imperial Officials, Mobility, and Cosmopolitanism in the Making of the Spanish Empire (1580-1700)

One month


Nicholas Popper, Associate Professor, College of William and Mary

The World in the Archive: The Production of Political Knowledge in Early Modern Britain

One month


Kelly Presutti, PhD candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Terroir after the Terror: Landscape and Representation in Nineteenth-Century France

One month


Naomi Pullin, Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick

Female Friends and the Transatlantic Quaker Community: Gender and Identity in the Atlantic Age, 1650-1750

One month


Teja Pusapati, PhD candidate, University of Oxford

Making News Far and Wide: The Professional Networks of Female Political Journalists in Nineteenth-Century England

Two months


Mark Quigley, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Not Such a Long Way to Tipperary: Retracing Opposition to the First World War in the Irish Popular Press, 1914-1919

Two months


Joseph Rezek, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Early Black Writing and the Politics of Print

Two months


Jane Rickard, Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Ben Jonson and the Construction of the Reader

One month


Sophia Rochmes, PhD candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara

Medieval Monochrome and the Practice of Inserting Images into Books of Hours

One month


Jason Rozumalski, PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley

Lords of All They Survey: Property and the Social Origins of the English State

Two months


Twyla Ruby, PhD candidate, University of California, Los Angeles

Vigani’s Cabinet: Chemistry and the Study of Life Before 1750

Three months


Flavia Ruzi, PhD candidate, University of California, Riverside

Aesthetic Intersections: Portraiture and Women’s Life Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century

One month


Alec Ryrie, Professor, Durham University

Becoming Radical in the English Revolution

One month


Rose Salseda, PhD candidate, University of Texas, Austin

The Visual Art Legacy of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

One month


Michelle Schwarze, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Interpreting Marginalia from the Scottish Enlightenment in Context

Two months


Emma Solberg, Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College

The Promiscuity of the Virgin

One month


Alex Solomon, PhD candidate, Rutgers University

The Rhetoric of Probability from New Science to Common Sense

Two months


Matthew Sparacio, PhD candidate, Auburn University

In Time of Iron-Age: The Choctaw Civil War and the Southern Frontier

One month


Andrew Sturtevant, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Pontiac’s Other War: Indigenous and Imperial Politics in the Detroit Borderland, 1701-1766

One month


Naomi Tadmor, Professor, Lancaster University

Cultures of Settlement: England, 1660-c. 1780

One month


Xiaoli Tian, Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

Relocating Science: Medical Missions and Western Medicine in Nineteenth-Century China

One month


Xavier Tubau, Assistant Professor, Hamilton College

The Politics of Ghibellinism during the Empire of Charles V (1519-1556)

One month


Miguel Valerio, PhD candidate, Ohio State University

Kings of the Kongo, Slaves of the Virgin Mary: Religious Confraternities and Afro-Latin American Identity in Colonial Mexico and Brazil

One month


Amanda Vickery, Professor, Queen Mary, University of London

“The Aesthetics of Anglican Virtue”: The Moral Negotiation of Fashion in Late Eighteenth-Century England

One month


Andrew Walkling, Assistant Professor, Binghamton University

Instruments of Absolutism: Restoration Court Culture and the Epideictic Mode

Three months


Michael West, PhD candidate, Columbia University

Enigmatic Theater in Shakespeare’s England

One month


Sarah Whittingham, Independent scholar

The Fern: A Botanical, Horticultural, Cultural, and Social History

One month


Jay Williams, Senior Managing Editor, Critical Enquiry

Author under Sail: The Imagination of Jack London

Three months


Lauren Working, Tutor in Early Modern History, Durham University

The Passions of Empire: Political Friendships and Private Selves in Early Stuart London and Virginia

One month


Hannah Young, PhD candidate, University College London

Imperial Wives: Maria Nugent’s Letter-Writing and the Making of the British Empire

Two months


Natale Zappia, Assistant Professor, Whittier College

Food Frontiers: Indigenous and Euro-American Food Systems in the Early American West

Two months


Dan Zborover, Postdoctoral Fellow, John Carter Brown Library

The Port of Pochutecs and Pirates: Long-Term Colonial Transformations in Huatulco, Mexico

One month


Lei Zhang, PhD candidate, Syracuse University

Visualizing China through Geology: Bailey Willis and Chinese Expedition, 1903-1904

One month




From Corpus Christi:

David Russell, Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow, University of Oxford

Learning from Experience


To Corpus Christi:

Rayne Allinson, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Dearborn

William Maitland of Lethington: Courtier, Counsellor, Chamaeleon




From Linacre:

Roger Irwin, PhD candidate, University of Oxford

Evelyn Waugh and War: Conflict and Politics in the 1930s and Second World War


To Linacre:

Christopher McGeorge, PhD candidate, University of Southern California

Mediums for the Masses: Stained Glass and Murals in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction




From Lincoln:

Otto Saumarez Smith, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Los Angeles Urbanism Seen Through a British Lens


To Lincoln:

Darcy Kern, Assistant Professor, Southern Connecticut State University

The Political Kingdom: Authority, Representation, and the Language of Nationhood in England and Castile, 1450-1520




From New:

Christy Edwall, PhD candidate, University of Oxford

The Poetic Uses of Botanic Taxonomy from Erasmus Darwin to John Ruskin


To New:

Anne Heminger, PhD candidate, University of Michigan

Confession Carried Aloft: Music, Sound, and Religious Identity in London, 1540-1560




From Trinity Hall:

Nicholas Guyatt, University Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Other People’s Empires: Americans and the Worlds of Imperialism, 1787-1898


To Trinity Hall:

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre, Assistant Professor, Trinity College

Imperial Wine: The British Empire and the Making of the New World




Chelsea Berry, PhD candidate, Georgetown University

Poisoned Relations: Medicine, Sorcery, and Poison Trials in the Greater Caribbean, 1690-1850


Christopher Gillett, PhD candidate, Brown University

Catholicism and the Making of Revolutionary Ideology in the British Atlantic, 1630-1673


Emily Kern, PhD candidate, Princeton University

Evolution’s Footprints: Science, Empire, and the History of the Search for the Geographic Origins of Humankind


Joseph Rezek, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Early Black Writing and the Politics of Print


Lance Thurner, PhD candidate, Rutgers University

Mexican Indigenous Medicine in the Spanish Pharmacopeia: 1560-1800


Sonia Tycko, PhD candidate, Harvard University

Spirited Beyond the Sea: Persuasion and Consent in the Early English Empire




Simon Bate, PhD candidate, King’s College London

Echoes of Late Medieval Chester in the Ellesmere Manuscripts

Three months


Ursula Clayton, PhD candidate, Royal Holloway, University of London

“Time’s Flies”: A Study of Early Modern Medicinal, Culinary, and Herbal Approaches towards Parasitic Infection

Three months


Catherine Evans, PhD candidate, University of Sheffield

Music and Time in Early Modern Commonplace Books and Almanacs of the Huntington Library

Four months


Sara Hale, PhD candidate, King’s College London

Men of Letters: British Neo-Latin Epistolary Odes of the 17th-18th Centuries in the Manuscript Collections of the Huntington Library

Three months


Joseph Morton, PhD candidate, University of Manchester

Re-examining Los Angeles’ Cultural History in 19th and 20th-century Manuscripts Documenting the City’s Bibliographic and Archival Culture

Six months


Celyn David Richards, PhD candidate, Durham University

Stylistic Innovation or Inheritance: A Technical Analysis of the English Printing Industry in the Reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553

Three months


Madelaine Schurch, PhD candidate, University of York

The Bluestockings and the Popularization of Science

Three months


Thomas David Smith, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

Jesus in the American Pacific, 1880-1918

Three months


Emily Vine, PhD candidate, Queen Mary, University of London

Domestic Devotions in Early Modern England

Three months


Rebecca Whiteley, PhD candidate, University College London

Understanding the Early Modern Pregnant Body: Images and Texts at the Huntington Library

Three months


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