An Olympic Welcome


Special Olympics at The Huntington


A group of Special Olympics delegates from Namibia, Singapore, and Tanzania received an enthusiastic welcome when they visited The Huntington in July. The athletes were in town for the Special Olympics World Games, held in Los Angeles July 25-Aug. 2. A tour of the botanical gardens was arranged by their host city, Pasadena, and our Education staff as part of the group’s sightseeing activities before the start of the games. Disembarking from their buses near the Banta Education Center, the athletes were greeted by cheering fans from the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena, one of The Huntington’s educational partners. The children waved handmade banners to welcome the teams and show their support, and then joined them for a tour of the gardens, followed by lunch in the Rose Hills Foundation Garden Court.


“We were deeply honored to be part of the celebration of the Special Olympics World Games this summer,” said Julianne Johnston, youth and family programs coordinator at The Huntington. “It was an incredible opportunity for us and the kids from the Boys & Girls Club to meet a group of wonderful and friendly people from around the world and to share an unforgettable experience with each other. To echo one of the athletes from Tanzania, ‘We have so many new friends now!’”


Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena welcomes the Special Olympics to The Huntington

Photos by Martha Benedict (top, above) and Debbie Miller (right).


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