Huntington Explorers 2016 - Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer extended care?
No. Due to limited program staff and museum hours, we are unable to offer extended care at this time. The earliest you can drop-off your child is 8:45 a.m. and the latest you can pick-up your child is 4:15 p.m.


How is Huntington Explorers staffed? How many adults will be with my Explorer?
Huntington Explorers is overseen by the Youth and Family Programs Coordinator and the Education Programs Assistant. A small, dedicated Education staff supervises the Explorers throughout the day. College level interns assist each instructor in and out of the classroom for a 10:1 ratio.


What happens in the event of an emergency?
In the event of an emergency, Explorers Staff will follow Huntington Emergency Policies and move children to the nearest security-assigned assembly area. In the event of an early class dismissal, parents will be notified. Huntington staff will stay with the Explorers until guardians or a designated person picks up each child. For medical concerns please contact Explorers Staff at (626) 405-3530.


Will my child be spending any time outside? What if the temperature exceeds 100 degrees?
Yes! The majority of your Explorer’s day will be spent outside interacting with natural elements through sensory and inquiry-based activities as well as the galleries for object-based learning. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, outdoor activities will be modified or moved to a cooler day. Please be sure to have your Explorer dress appropriately for a hot day and provide them with a water bottle.


What if my child takes medication or has special needs?
The Huntington’s policy is not to dispense medication. Any other special needs should be discussed with the Explorers staff and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Will lunch be provided?
No; Students must bring a sack lunch. Lunch is supervised by Explorers Staff. There may be a short time for a mid-class snack break. If you choose, please provide a small snack each day for your Explorer(s). There are no microwaves, snack machines, or refrigerators available for lunches and snacks.


What if I have to pick up my child before the end of their class?
Please notify the Explorers Office in advance if you need to pick up your child before the scheduled end of the class. An Explorers staff member will bring your child to Education Courtyard to be signed out as soon as possible.


What happens if I am late picking my child up from Explorers?
There will be a 10-minute grace period in the Education Courtyard, after which your child will be directed to the Explorers office.


What if I can’t pick up my child and I have to send someone else to pick them up?
Only those persons designated prior to the start of Explorers will be allowed to pick up your child. If you need to add additional names, we must have your permission IN WRITING. Please contact the Explorers office. For your child’s safety, those picking up children, including parents, will need to show photo identification.


What do I need to send with my child each day?

  • Lunch (we have a strict NO SHARING FOOD policy)
  • Snack (optional)
  • Water bottle (there will be areas to refill their water)
  • Sunscreen or sun block (please note: Explorers staff is not permitted to apply sun block or bug spray to children. We recommend applying in the morning before drop off)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (each Explorers is given one t-shirt with an opportunity to purchase extras)
  • Close-toed shoes (Open toed shoes and flip flops are NOT permitted throughout the program)


Is there anything my child SHOULD NOT bring?
Explorers should not bring electronic games, cell phones, iPads, or MP3 players with them. We understand that some of our Explorers would like to bring toys and personal items, but please do not pack items with significant meaning to your child. The Huntington is open to the public and items are easily misplaced, so please keep this in mind. The Huntington is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or stolen items.


What is your bathroom policy?
All children must be fully bathroom-trained and need no assistance when using the restroom. Explorers will be offered several bathroom breaks throughout the day, and an adult or Intern will always be stationed outside the public restrooms during this time.


Does Huntington Explorers have a Conduct Policy?
Yes. To ensure that everyone participating in our program has a fun and safe experience, we expect all participants to abide by the Huntington Explorers Conduct Policy. Failure to comply with Explorers Conduct policies may result in suspension or expulsion from the program.


At the end of Explorers, how can I share my thoughts or concerns?
Using Survey Monkey, Explorers evaluations will be sent via email each Friday to parents. Your comments are extremely important and helpful as we plan for future Explorers Programs. Thank you!

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