British Radical Culture

British Radical Culture of the 1790s

Edited by:Robert M. Maniquis
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Format:180 pages, 7 x 10, illus., paper
Release Date:2002-01-01

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About this Book
Essays on the political, intellectual, and linguistic contexts of British radicalism by Frederick Burwick, John Barrell, Philippe Roger, Fredrika Teute, Nigel Leask, and Robert M. Maniquis; with an article by Michael Smith reviewing books by Kevin Gilmartin, Paul Keen, Emma Vincent Macleod, Ian McBride, and Marilyn Morris. All of the essays address the impact of the failure of Revolution on radical expectations. Fredrika Teute discuses the post-Revolutionary retreat to some Enlightenment constraints in early-nineteenth-century America, while Nigel Leask's essay explores the post-Revolutionary impact on forms of utopian thinking. John Barrell and Frederick Burwick consider the trials for treason in Britain, where the highest penalties were assessed for words uttered or merely conceived. Philippe Roger's essay explores the French and British "conversation"-often with mixed signals-on revolutionary themes. The volume concludes with Robert Maniquis's reading of the radicalism of Tom Paine and Percy Bysshe Shelley in relationship to the philosophy and aesthetics of the sublime.

(also published as Huntington Library Quarterly 63:3

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