Land of Golden Dreams: California in the Gold Rush Decade, 1848-1858

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"California as I Saw It"
First person narratives about the Gold Rush from the collections of the Library of Congress.

California Gold Rush Experience
"I am bound to stick awhile longer": Gold Rush letters, diaries, and documents from the University of California, Berkeley collections.

The Discovery of Gold in California: Paintings by Harry Fonseca
Paintings by contemporary Native American artist Harry Fonseca. The work reflects his feelings about what happened to his people during the Gold Rush.

The Gold Rush
PBS site on the Gold Rush; complements the PBS documentary available on video.

Gold Rush!
Gold Rush stories presented by the Sacramento Bee.

Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories
Web site that accompanies the Oakland Museum's comprehensive Gold Rush exhibit.

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
California State Park information on visiting the gold discovery site in Coloma.

San Francisco City Museum
Gold Rush documents from the San Francisco City Museum, include General William T. Sherman's account of his involvement.

Sketch of a Three Years Travell in South America, California and Mexico
Gold Rush memoir of Eugene Ring (1827-1912); the author traveled to California via Panama.

Sonoma: Home of the Bear Flag Revolt
Web site by the residents of the town of Sonoma chronicling the Bear Flag Revolt.

Virtual Tour California Gold Rush Country
Includes details on the discovery of gold and the various mining hot spots along state highway 49.

Women of the Gold Rush
Includes excerpts from diaries and letters of women who took part in the Gold Rush.


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